Glorious Rain and Paint…

joy and rain

It finally rained last night!!! There had been a few times throughout the day when it tried to, even one bout of wetness that was more than just a few drops but that only lasted for a few minutes. Then, as I was about to fall asleep last night, I heard the familiar sound of droplets hitting the tarp covering the travel trailer. Yeah, I fell asleep with a smile, imagining how happy all of my plants were going to be this morning.

I, of course, walked the garden, stump area, and surveyed the 5-gallon buckets. Everything seems to be stretching itself skyward, as if to attempt to gather more rain that way. My Hydrangea plant has never looked so…tall. It has spent most of the time since I planted it kind of lying around. I had even staked up a couple of branches to get them off the ground for watering. This morning, the branches are upright and there is actually some bush-like formation to it. It’s really wonderful to see. There really is no substitute for rain in the garden, in my opinion.

The Raiders Room

The Raiders Room

I started the painting job yesterday. Mostly, I just got everything, almost everything, taped off. I had to ‘prime’ the black squares in the picture with some paint, but, since it is a paint plus primer, this should ensure that nothing shows through after I roll the walls. Everything is going a neutral color (cappuccino in the bedrooms and antique white for the bathrooms), colors I absolutely love (please hear the sarcasm in the statement). Cut and roll today. I think we will have this knocked out today. That is, only if I get myself going right now.

Have a great day, Everyone!!!


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