Cute Little Bug, Sunflower Lost, PH Levels, Me…

Lady bug-type bug on my catnip

Lady bug-type bug on my catnip

I saw this bug on my catnip the other day as I was walking around checking out what I have growing. It’s very lady bug like, a little bit bigger, and a swirled, chocolately, mocha color. I’ve never seen one before so I took a photo of it. I plan on seeing if I can find it with an image search on Google. If anyone knows what it is, please do let me know.

More of the Gladiolus have started to push up their flower stalks. Only three more, but I’m loving it. My husband is even starting to see the picture I had in my head of what it would all look like. It won’t be quite the same, though, since the sunflowers are growing all wonky. My Mammoth sunflowers are one of the smaller sunflowers I have growing, despite supposing to be the tallest. The flowers are turning fairly quickly, too. Oh well. It’s still really pretty and is getting prettier all the time.

I bought one of those little soil testers with the vials and capsules, yesterday. I know this is something one should do before planting things, but…well, I knew one area was going to work for some things and that the stump area is really acidic. It turns out that the garden area, where I have my sunflowers, coneflowers, calla lilies, etc, is PH neutral (7.0) and that around the stump isn’t quite as bad as I had thought, with a PH of 6.0 (5.0 being very acidic). The garden is also high in nitrogen, medium phosphorus, and low to very low in potash. I didn’t check the NPK for around the stump.

The Struggling Hollyhock has finally bloomed!!!

The Struggling Hollyhock has finally bloomed!!!

My little, always been struggling Hollyhock has finally bloomed!! I was surprised to see the color. I started both of my Hollyhocks from seed last year, which means they came out of the same packet. I am loving the pink on this struggler, possibly more so since it was completely unexpected. More smiles for me!

I’m needing to buy some more 5-gallon buckets. I have catnip to get out of small seed pots, and some other things, that most definitely will not fit in the garden and will probably die if I try to plant them around the stump. Of course, this also means more dirt. I’ve definitely had to get creative with my gardening this year.

R.I.P Amazingly Resilient Sunflower

R.I.P. Amazingly Resilient Sunflower

Remember the sunflower that I rescued when I came home and found it falling out of its 5-gallon bucket? I had it place on a stable shelf, out of the sun since it had decided it no longer liked direct sunlight. The other day, I came home and it had committed plant suicide. It either fell or threw itself off the shelf and broke itself into 3 different pieces. It had also almost taken one of my borage that I have planted in the top of my strawberry pot. I had to stake the borage to save it and it seems to be doing just fine, thank goodness.

I have to admit that the loss of this sunflower is a bit more depressing than if I had lost one of my other sunflowers. I was invested in this one in a different way. That’s not to say that there aren’t others of my plants that would cause me the same disappointment, but…this one was special. I have a soft spot for rescues, obviously.

Things are still the same with the post accident therapy (chiropractor, massage). I have to admit that I am not please at all with the massage therapist I have been assigned to. It could be that she may be new to it or something but she is not good. Two times I have left feeling bruised and tender, which lasted until my next appointment. The chiropractor says things are starting to get lined back up, which is great news. I just wish a day or two of long work days didn’t leave me feeling like I got hit by a truck. I never felt that way before the accident. I guess we shall see how it goes. Fingers crossed!!


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