Sweltering Heat, Irrational Fear Faced, Dipping My Foot in a Cloud…

Oh man!! This 90 degree weather has been really great!! I’m not so certain I would be finding it so wonderful if I had to be working through it, but it has definitely been great for the lackadaisical days I’ve gotten to have. This morning, is was a bit overcast. Now, about an hour later, it looks like it may very well rain!!! The grass would appreciate it, that’s for sure, and I may just have to go stand out in it with my head thrown back and my arms tossed out to the sides and soak it in. If it actually rains, I hope it’s that kind of rain.

The current temp is 77 degrees. The forecast says we are going to stay in the 80’s for a bit, still. Tuesday is forecasted to be only 82 degrees which, after this multi-day 90-degree weather, is going to feel a little chilly, comparatively.

My appointment at the chiropractor went wonderful and I am feeling a bit embarrassed about the fear I had before going. It was a really great experience and the chiropractor was a very nice man who explained everything to me as we went so that I was comfortable. I have another appointment on Monday. From the sound of it, I will be seeing him three times a week for a little bit. Ok. Let’s do this.

When he adjusted my left foot, it had the most amazing sensation afterward. My foot felt like what I imagine dipping my foot into a cloud would feel like. It was great!! Of course, since we are focusing on accident related injuries, my right foot didn’t quite make it in this time, so I had a great comparison. Sure, the cloud feeling didn’t last long, but my left foot hasn’t felt this great in a while, especially since the accident. It also showed me just how much my right foot is not happy. I knew it was having pains, just like the left foot, but the left hurt more and radiated up my leg to my knee. Since the adjustment, WOW! No more knee involvement and occasional, minimal pains here and there in the foot.

Well, I need to go clean out the Jeep. I am taking my son over to his friend’s house in Port Orchard and there is no room in the Jeep for anything with all of the cleaning supplies. Have a beautiful day, Everyone!!!


About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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