The Weather, My Garden, and Facing a Fear…

Ok.. So, I was apparently panicking yesterday. Yes, I’m still really scared about what the future looks like as far as work and my back goes, but it doesn’t have to be solved today. I just have to remember to breathe and that there are options. I will find the way with the help of those that love me and whatever resources are out there. It’s just another process I have to left foot, right foot, repeat through. I will be ok.

The weather has been really hot here! Its only 9:15am and the temp is already 72 degrees. NOAA is saying we are going to reach 90 today. Tomorrow and the next day will be in the 90’s as well. Yes, I’m loving the warmth, though my poor puppies are not. I have their kiddie pool filled for them so they can easily cool off and ice in their water bucket.

My Beautiful HollyHocks

My Beautiful HollyHocks

Of course, the plants are loving the weather. The Hollyhock has multiple blooms on it, with new ones coming out every day. My strawberry plants have a bunch of berries on them. My borage is blooming like crazy!! The sunflowers…they are getting so tall, though the mammoth ones are still very small. I think I planted them too close to the building and the metal siding is making it too hot for them. I mixed in some worm castings for them this morning. We will see if this helps them or not.

I’m anxious to see my Blazing Stars finally bloom. They don’t even have flower buds on them, yet, but I can tell they are getting close to forming them, which is exciting in itself. It’s the first time I have grown these, and that adds to the excitement.

I’m going to need to decide what I am going to plant in the spots where things didn’t come up, as in 5 of 6 calla lilies grew, 3 out of 8 cornflowers sprouted, etc. I have eight catnip sprouts I can use, though they get pretty big, usually, and may end up drowning out the Blazing Stars, eventually. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out.

Lance's Poblano Chile plants

Lance’s Poblano chilefut plants

We found some poblano chile plants for Lance the other day. He was so excited. It was a pot with 3 plants in it for $6. We planted them in one of the spots that was one of the coneflowers that didn’t sprout. They transplanted perfectly, absolutely no sign of shock what-so-ever, thanks to SuperThrive. (My mother-in-law introduced me to SuperThrive and it is amazing!)

Well, I had better go get myself ready for work. I have an appointment at the chiropractor this afternoon. My first one ever. I have to admit it is something that has always scared me, but I have been in so much pain this past week. Time to face that fear!


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2 Responses to The Weather, My Garden, and Facing a Fear…

  1. Dad says:

    Mieke, I have some spine problem diagnosed by my doctor. She suggested exercise to strengthen the muscles that support the back. I have been doing them for over a year now and I have little or no discomfort now. Someday physical therapy may become necessary but at least for now I’m good. The exercises involve abdominal and back strengthening. Anyway, something for you to consider. Love Dad

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    • Thanks, Dad!! I have been researching the different ways and methods of dealing with this wonderful degenerative spine diagnosis. Yoga looks like a good one since it is a core strengthening exercise. I also chatted with my chiropractor the other day and he said that exercise, core strengthening, some diet changes (eliminating wheat, sugars, etc) will definitely help. He also made it clear that it was not something I was going to be able to keep at bay forever but these things would help keep me capable of moving without much problem for quite some time to come. I have also been advised to look into something that is not physical labor for work since that type of work is only going to help things move in the direction I don’t want them to. It is what it is. I’ll be fine.


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