Miracle Grow Sprayer Let Down, Dad Update, Researching My Spine…

How completely frustrating! I broke down and gave in to the Miracle Grow. I was going to try to skip it this year, go all organic, but…well, Miracle Grow has such a strong pull for me since it has been a part of my gardening ritual for years and years. The frustrating part of this right now is the fact that the stupid Miracle Grow hose end sprayer is falling apart already. I just bought it the week after my birthday.

I figured out quite a few years ago that going with an off brand hose end sprayer is the way to go. They tend to last much longer, aren’t as ‘fragile,’ and usually cost around half as much as the Miracle Grow one. The reason I ended buying the Miracle Grow one this time is because, for reasons I have yet to discovered, it was the only one I could find. Usually, there are at least 5 other, non-Miracle Grow, hose end sprayers but I was, and continue to be, incapable of finding these other sprayers this year. I shall go searching again today. Wish me luck!!

My dad was released from the hospital Friday. All of his tests came back negative, which is awesome. He did find out that he has atrial fibrillation. This is what I found out about atrial fibrillation on the Mayo Clinic website:

Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and often rapid heart rate that commonly causes poor blood flow to the body.

During atrial fibrillation, the heart’s two upper chambers (the atria) beat chaotically and irregularly — out of coordination with the two lower chambers (the ventricles) of the heart. Atrial fibrillation symptoms often include heart palpitations, shortness of breath and weakness.

Though very scary sounding and not something to ignore, it can be managed with medication. I still don’t like the fact that my dad is experiencing this at all.

I lost another sunflower. Since the ones I’ve been losing are in 5-gallon buckets, I have moved the buckets to a different location to see if this solves the problem. I really hope so. Its heart-breaking to go out to water in the morning and find another one down. I have lost four. Everything else is doing really great, though, which keeps the smile on my face.

I have decided that I need to research spine arthritis. The news that arthritis has started in my back has really hit me hard. Of course, I am sure that I am sort of catastrophizing it in my head a bit. My imagination is quite healthy. So, to take it out of being only in my head, I am going to find out the facts of it so the knowledge can help keep me from envisioning the worst. Deep breaths.

I have also decided that I am going to talk with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Sure, the doctor said it would probably be a couple of years before I start needing things like physical therapy to help me with my back, but I don’t really want to wait until then to find a different line of work, something not manual labor. Also, a couple of years will go by really quickly. DVR sounds like the right move to make for this. If anyone has any other suggestions, please do let me know. I want as much information and opportunities as I can possibly have.


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