Calla Lily Sprouts, Sunflower Disappointment, and Aging…

Ok. Its been a few days. I’ve been soooo busy!! Work, home, etc…time for me just seems to have slipped away before I realize that day is over with.

Sections of the Spine

Sections of the Spine

I had my doctor’s appointment on Monday. The x-rays showed I have whip-lash from the accident. The x-rays also showed something else, unrelated to the accident. My thoracic and lumbar sections of my spine show the beginnings of arthritis. That’s most of my spine. I have to admit that this news was the most disturbing. As for my legs and wrists, he has me drawing the alphabet with my feet and rotating my wrists in different ways. If things don’t feel better in 4 weeks, I am to come back in and he will write me a referral for physical therapy.

Calla Lily Sprouts

Calla Lily Sprouts

I have Calla Lily sprouts!! The day after I planted my rosemary plants, these guys popped up. I’m going to have to move one of the rosemarys because a second Calla Lily sprouted right next to it, basically under its shadow. I’m excited to see what color these lilies are, since I don’t remember exactly where I planted the pink and the black.

I’ve had three of my sunflowers that I planted in the 5-gallon buckets bend over most of the way up the stem. It’s like they just lost strength in the internal workings at that point and collapsed. Very frustrating and it feels like it is some sort of dysfunction I should be able to treat, if only I knew what it was.

Since Monday’s appointment, it has really been circling my head that I need to find a different line of work. Something not so physically demanding. Arthritis just gets worse and I, eventually, will not be able to do this work without it hurting a lot and with limited movement. Yeah, I may be a little bit in an almost panic about this whole spine arthritis thing. Aging sucks.


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