Back to Work…

Well, its back to work today. I’m really glad I had this week off. It didn’t go according to plan and the stress level was very unvacation like but the fact that I had the time off to actually deal with the poop storm that is circling at the moment was good. I think this all would have been a bit much to deal with and still function at work.

I am having mixed feelings about going back to work. I just don’t have that rested feeling I think I should have after taking a week off. Plus, I am having aches and some sharp pains that I believe may be related to the accident. I have an appointment with the doctor on Monday to discuss the x-rays and I am going to talk with him about my various pains.

As it turns out, the moving truck that hit me wasn’t insured. I talked with the owner of the company and she not only lied about what the insurance company said but implied the accident was my fault and the damages to my van were negligible. Thankfully, a good friend of mine had already referred me to a great lawyer so that was my next call.

Ok. I didn’t call the lawyer. I emailed him. In the email, I described the accident in a brief but complete way. He called me within an hour. This lawyer sounds aggressive in a good way and he only gets paid if I do. The rate seems reasonable to me (33%-40% depending on if it has to go to a lawsuit or not). I think I am going to have Lance speak with this guy about the lack of treatment at the first hospital he was taken to. Anyway, it’s a new day, a new week (as far as work goes), and I am hoping that getting back into the work routine will help things at least feel a bit normal, again.

My Biggest Sunflower to date, and not a Mammoth

My Biggest Sunflower to date, and not a Mammoth

My Hollyhocks

My Hollyhocks

All of my plants are really starting to grow, rapidly. It almost seems as if they are noticeably bigger every day. One of the Hollyhock plants is definitely growing at noticable rates. The other Hollyhock has always been a struggler but it is starting to grow a bit more, though I doubt I will have blooms on it this year.

Enzo in Lance's chair

Enzo in Lance’s chair

Lance will be coming home on Monday or Tuesday. The dogs really miss him. Mr. Enzo has been spending a lot of time in Lance’s chair. I miss him, too, though I have enjoyed the extra bed space.

We have been chatting on Google Hangouts a lot, which is nice because I can activate the video chat and he can see me, though I can’t see him. They have the camera turned off on the computer there for privacy. I was able to walk around the yard, show him how everything is doing, show him the dogs, and he told me that really was nice. He is missing home, which is a good thing, since I really don’t think he wanted to be here at all before he went into the hospital. He was really in a bad space.

After having a week of 80 degree weather, that last few days have felt a little chilly with the lower 70 degree weather. Yesterday, we only hit 64 degrees. Its 52 degrees right now, which seems really chilly, but the forecast for most of the week is in the mid to upper 70’s with one day in the lower 80’s.

Well, I had better get moving. I still need to load the Jeep. Have a great day everyone!!!


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