The Next Trip Around the Sun…

Dragonfly necklace from my dad and step mom

Dragonfly necklace from my dad and step mom

Yesterday was a really great day. Sure, I had to work some, but it wasn’t horrible and…well, it was just a great day. My best friend took me out last night, which was fun and it’s always great to get to hang out with her. She is having a barbecue today since it is her husband’s birthday, so we will be heading up there in a bit.

That mystery package I wrote about that was coming from Rhode Island? Well, that is the picture to the left. My dad and step-mom sent me this for my birthday. I absolutely love it and put it on immediately. Dragonflies are my thing, my totem.

I really wish there was a different term than step- mom or step- dad. It sounds so…distancing, I guess. Both of my step-parents have been a part of my life for most of it. They managed to somehow make it through my teen years without killing me or just leaving, and somehow loving me through it all. That is not to say that there weren’t times that I am sure they would have loved to just wrap their hands around my neck and throttle me into some form of sense, because I know there were times.

I think every parent goes through that with troubled teens, step-parent or birth parent. What makes it so amazing with my step-parents is that a step-parent has made the choice to love you. I utterly adore my step-parents, so, yeah, I wish there was a term for them that expressed just how important they are to me. I am a lucky girl with two Moms and two Dads and I am grateful for that every single day.

My best friend and I went to three different bars last night: a sports bar, a hole in the wall, and a country western bar that didn’t seem all that country western. One thing we discovered was that we have no idea where people our age hang out. We are at that weird age of not old and not as young as we used to be. Where does middle 40’s fit?

We ended up at the country and western bar after I Googled “bars for people in their 40’s.” Google failed on this one. Sure, there was a spattering of other people who looked to be around our age, but they looked just as lost as we were. Some were trying to fit in with the younger crowds, and I have to admit it wasn’t really all that pretty to watch. I guess I’m past that or something.

Anyway, another birthday has passed. It was a great one. Now, to see what this new trip around the sun has in store for me. Have a great day Everyone!!!


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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