Another Day in Paradise…

Lance after surgery #2

Lance after surgery #2

Lance’s surgery went “perfectly,” in the words of the surgeon. Now, to get Lance to remain inactive enough for the next few days to get things on their way to healing properly. He still has dead arm from the nerve block they did so hopefully that will help. I wish I had a list of things that he could do one-handed that wouldn’t exert too much energy to help him keep from going stir crazy. I know crossword puzzles aren’t going to be the solution.

I didn’t go finish my clean last night. It was too late and I was too exhausted. I know I didn’t really do anything yesterday, but I still felt completely drained by the time we were headed home, which was around 4pm. I had the clean rescheduled, which means I’ll now be working on my birthday. Bummer.

I am going to have to reschedule Truman’s appoint at the vet. I just can’t swing it this time. The doctor’s visits, and medications and such, had to come first and this tapped the funding for Truman. I’m not happy about that, but life is what it is for right now. Hopefully, I can get him in on the next paycheck. Sorry, Tru-dog.

I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not I am going to just cancel my time off since I scheduled the time knowing I would be taking Truman in and would need some time to grieve. Part of me thinks I should cancel the time off, but I’m also feeling really burnt out, exhausted. As it sits right now, I am sticking with the schedule as it is right now. I’ll just have to deal with my grief when I take Truman in and work at the same time.

The oil pump and sending unit in the Jeep are being replaced today. One of my most amazing friends is making that possible for me. (Thank you, VeganFarmer!!!)Thank you doesn’t seem adequate, though. I’d offer up my next born, but those days are over with. 😉 It’s not that there is an implication of something owed, not even a little bit, but this friend has done so much for me. I’m going to buy her the moon one day.

Well, I had better get going. I’m making a quick stop at the Y to run myself through a much-needed, way over due, shower before heading to my clean. I am meeting the property manager there at 9:15, so I’d better hustle. Have a beautiful day, Everyone!!!


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