Beautiful, Sunny Weather, Birthday Forecast, and the Growing of My Garden…

The weather has been absolutely amazing!! We reached the 80’s yesterday and I have to admit that it didn’t really feel like it was blazing hot. Just very warm at a comfortable level. Its Spring still, though, which means 80 degrees now is more comfortable than 80 degrees in Summer.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of sun until next Friday, according to NOAA. We have chance showers  and showers likely forecasted for Monday thru Thursday, then partly sunny and warmer weather makes a return for Friday and Saturday. Saturday is my birthday so I am even more pleased to see sun in the forecast and temps in the 70’s for that day.

I am so happy with how my garden is doing. I’m still waiting for my coneflower and calla lilies to pop up, though. I’m trying to not be discouraged by the fact that they haven’t made an appearance, yet, but its disappointing, at this point, to not see their noses when I check my garden in the evenings.  How long does it take for these plants to show themselves? Guess I have some Googling to do, maybe. I guess if they aren’t going to make it, I will just have to find something else to put there.

My Hydrangea cutting mostly look like they are doing ok. I had a few that I had to pull because it was quite obvious that they weren’t going to take because they were pretty much wilted over in two. I haven’t given up on the rest, though. They seem to be still healthy. I’m really new to attempting cuttings, butterfly bushes being the only ones I’ve really had success with, so far. My fingers are still crossed.

When do butterfly bushes come out at the nurseries and stores? I really love the plant and it feels odd to not have a few growing in  the yard. I guess I’ll keep my eye out for any growing alongside the road. Cutting may be the way to go with these, too.

Well, I should probably get started on getting myself ready to go. I am cleaning with my best friend today, which will be nice. We haven’t cleaned together in about 10 years, when I was cleaning for her. She has her own cleaning company. We always have a good time with each other while  we are cleaning so today should be somewhat restorative to the soul. Have a great day, Everyone!!!


About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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