My Handsome Bachelor Button, Lance’s Thumb…

My Handsome Bachelor Button

My Handsome Bachelor Button

I had to take a photo of my Bachelor Button and share it. It is so beautiful. The photo doesn’t really show its true beauty but…well, I like it. I saw it here on my computer and thought “maybe I should have used some effects on it” but I think its nice the way it is.

It’s odd how I have some pride in this powerful little plant. I have nothing to do with its being other than having planted wildflower seeds that contained bachelor button seeds in it last year. This guy stands all by itself, strong and tall like a miniature oak, as if to say “I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. Bring your best.” Love it.

Lance has his follow-up appointment this afternoon. I am going to go with him so that I can know exactly what the Dr. has to say about it. Lance, being impatient like he can be, decided this morning he just had to cut off the wrap Harborview put on his thumb. Part of me gets it. The wrap covered most of his hand, minus his fingers, and went down his arm to just below his elbow. I’m sure that would drive me nuts, too, though just the fact of being ‘broken’ would be something that would drive me a bit nutty all by itself.

There are two pins coming up out of the top of what’s left of his thumb. I think seeing this really effected Lance. He started to speculate about what the pins might be for, some plan the doctor might have for it. I hated to shoot him down on it but I think part of my job is to keep the reality line at least close enough to see.

My thought on the pins is that they are there to help things be where they are supposed to be while the thumb is healing. It makes sense to me because the thumb is missing the top half, where I imagine some of the stuffs left in the bottom half would have attached to. That’s as far as I intend to guess at it since I am not a medical doctor and know that we will find out later on what the deal is.

So, my day started out with making my coffee then re-bandaging my husband’s thumb. Good morning to me. Thankfully, this stuff no longer makes me squeamish so I am capable of playing household healer when necessary. My kids call me Dr. Mom when they are coming to me with something that needs attention, whether splinter or wound or whatever.

Anyway, I need to go get the second half of the condo complex done so I can go with Lance to his appointment. Lance told his brother he would come see him today, too. Another busy day… Have a great one, Everyone!!!


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2 Responses to My Handsome Bachelor Button, Lance’s Thumb…

  1. Dad says:

    The symptoms you describe for Truman sound very much like what our Oliver is experiencing. The vet prescribed a pain medication named NOVOX. It helps him a lot and he seems to be happy and having a good quality of life although it is obvious his back legs (hips) are having some problems. Just some information for you to consider.


    • He was on one pain relieve/antiinflammatory for a very short while (I forget what it was called) and it made him super lethargic and he was hardly eating, so he had to stop taking that. Apparently, my big dog doesn’t do well with the medications that aid in relief from arthritis and hip dysplasia. I’m so happy to hear that Oliver is having success with his meds!! That’s great! He is such a sweetie. Thanks for the info, though, Dad! ❤


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