Lance’s Follow-up Appointment and Hydrangea Cuttings…

Well, I made it through my day yesterday. Lance came to help me out with the two cleans and we finished the second one around 3:30. I’m so grateful he was willing and able to come help.

Lance has his follow-up appointment on Tuesday. I don’t think he is going to be seen, though. The doctor wants $250 to even see Lance. I don’t get paid until the first and $250 will put a huge dent in our budget for this check.

A friend of mine says to take him to a clinic near us to be checked out but part of me feels like maybe the specialist is the way to go. Then, again, maybe not. It’s not like they saved the thumb and need to see how the reunion is going. Then I worry about complications, such as nerve damage, bone fragments, operation of the remaining thumb. I really don’t know what to do.

Lance says he is going to go up to the appointment in Seattle. If they won’t see him because he doesn’t have any money, then we can figure it out from there. It seems like a complete waste of gas to me but maybe he is just being more optimistic than I am. I guess we will see what happens.

My garden is doing great!! I’m going to have to get some animal repellant, though. My cats keep using my garden as a litter box and have uprooted a few of my sunflowers and a lavender or two in the process. Creeping little kids.

Hydrangea cuttings, round 2

Hydrangea cuttings, round 2

My first round of Hydrangea cutting are faring so-so. Out of 5 cuttings, 2-3 look like they could be rooting because they aren’t looking half wilted. I stole another 9 cuttings from some hydrangea bushes in front of the second clean, yesterday.

The upside with these cuttings is I got to come straight home, trim them, dip them in rooting medium, and plant them. The first 5 had to sit through an hour and a half car ride on a warm day, along with making some stops for Lance on our way home. I’m really hoping to have some Hydrangea for around the stump. Fingers crossed!!




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