Amazing Weekend…

What a great weekend this has been!!! I can’t honestly say that anything super special happened, which I think is part of the reason it has been so wonderful. The weather has been moderate, with neither too much sun (as if) nor too much rain. For the most part, overcast has set the mood, with a few sun breaks and a couple of almost drizzles to break things up a bit.

I went out with the girls on Friday night. I love being able to go do things with my best friend. We have spent too many years in a row being “too busy” to get together. Life gets that way sometimes. We played darts, chatted, laughed, and didn’t stay out too late. It was perfect in its own way.

Saturday, I slept in until almost 10!! I didn’t really feel up to doing much of anything or having chores lined up for me. I just wanted to sort of let the wind rustle me around without direction. I’m always so focused on what needs to be done, what must be done. It was nice to have no plan or direction and to put down the monitoring of my responsibilities. I’ve really needed that.

Today, again, pretty much no direction for the first part of the day. My son texted me at 6:30 this morning to tell me he wants to come home. My first response? What happened? What’s going on? What I actually texted was the ‘what’s going on?”

My son has come to realize something I have thought for a very long time: that side of the family is nuts. His exact words? “Well this side of the family is just kinda, idk, crazy. I’d rather not be here, the energy is bad.” I love this kid.

We talked for a bit about his plans, thoughts, and I laid down some boundaries. Lance will pick Mason up on his way home from work tomorrow. Mason would rather have had it be today but doesn’t seem to broken up about having to wait.

After getting that all settled, I filled some large containers with organic soil and transplanted lemon balm, tithonia, wild bergamot, dill, basil, roma tomatoes, and a sunflower or two. I still have too many sunflowers for the available room for planting that I have, but I have come up with a solution. I am going to buy some 5 gallon buckets and put one sunflower in each. Then, I’ll place them around the fence to our yard. I’m thinking this may be my plan for some of the rest of my seedlings. I’ll get this all together.

I never did get to my mailbox garden. I guess that is just going to have to be a next weekend project. Back to work tomorrow, busy week, again. I think I’m ready for it, though.


About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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