Work Snafu, Pack Update, Gardening Design and Bliss…

The week is almost over. There are no cleans scheduled for me this weekend, so far, and I am going to keep it that way, if at all possible. I’m needing the time off. I’m feeling a bit exhausted, and that always starts to mess with my thinking and my ability to keep things straight.

I didn’t wander around downtown Tacoma after my clean, yesterday. I ended up having to run to the property management company and pick up a spare key from them. When I was putting the keys away after the clean, I accidentally put the keys that belonged in the hallway lockbox, the keys that opened the room to where all of the unit keys are, in the locked room with the rest of the unit keys. Of course, I didn’t realize my error until after the door to that room closed. I felt like such an idiot.

I immediately called Cayle. He called the property manager for this property to see if they had a spare for the key room. Thankfully, they do.

Cayle was going to see if the property manager could head over to bring the key but I told him not to. I made the mistake. I should be the one to fix it. By the time I got the spare key, went back to the building and swapped things around, I was ready to go home. A downtown Tacoma wander is just going to have to happen on a different day. Oh well.

I’m kind of almost living a single life, right now. Lance’s work schedule has him leaving early (he just left now), and getting home late, around 7 or 8pm, depending on traffic. It isn’t leaving much time for us, but we seem to be doing ok with it.

I have to admit, though, that I am feeling a little sensitive/emotional over the last few days. With our schedules being what they are, I am not getting the time I would like with my husband. Our time seems somewhat rushed, like we are trying to fit everything in a slot that is way too small.

This also leaves me as the only one taking care of most of the things around home, too. Ok. Maybe that isn’t exactly true. It feels like it a little bit, though. Poopy patrol, changing Gemini’s litter box. garbage, recycling…the not fun but have to happen no matter what things. Yep, I’m pouting just a bit, with a little bit of whining thrown in.

Truman has been opting out of the walk some mornings over the past week. This is very unlike him. I guess he is feeling the wind down, too. Thankfully, he seems to not have picked up the kennel cough that has gone through the pack. I am really grateful about that.

As for the rest of the pack, they seem to be getting past the worst of the kennel cough and have stopped coughing so much. Mostly, there is just the end of a chest cold throat clearing type thing going on with them. There is still the occasional coughing attack, but nothing anywhere close to what it was.

Everyday, after work, I come home to see if I have any bulb noses poking through the ground. Nothing so far. I am so excited, and anxious, to see the garden coming up and in bloom. Its going to be so beautiful!

I planted one painted daisy seedling and a lavender seedling by the stump. I want to see if they will grow there. Its been almost a week since I put them in and, so far, they seem to be doing well, which is great. I’m hoping they continue to do well and I can plant the rest of them there.

I ended up planting all of my borage in front of the stump. These seedlings seem to be thriving very nicely. If the painted daisies and lavender do as well, I think it is going to be quite beautiful around the stump this summer. What do you think?




painted daisies



Personally, I think the painted daisies make this set up work.



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  1. Love this! A direct result of me calling in to say many thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you!!

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