The Butterfly Garden is in, Allium Surprise, Summer Check-in, and Feeling Like My Old Self Again…

I had started to write a post yesterday, sending out a Mother’s Day greeting to all the mother’s out there (and the dads that play both roles), but then a friend I haven’t talk with in a really long time called. By the time I got off the phone, I was anxious to get going on clearing the rest of the garden area and never made it back to my computer. I hope Mother’s Day was a wonderful day full of serenity, peace, love, and relaxation for everyone!

Bulbs and Plants

Bulbs and Plants

I finished clearing the garden area and got my butterfly garden bulbs and roots in the ground. Now, the waiting process begins. I am anxious to see everything come up. I think, by now, everyone knows patience is not always my strong suit. I also planted my calla lily roots, which I am just as excited to see come up. They are lipstick pink and black, as you can see in the  photo above. (The butterfly garden is to the left in the photo)

Lance and I have decided to make some raised beds. We haven’t gotten started, yet, on that project but will probably do so this coming weekend. I have too many seedlings that still need to get in the ground and no place to put them that isn’t too acidic. The area where I have planted everything else, so far, is a raised bed that a previous tenant had put in. The soil is perfect.

I planted one of my borage seedlings by the stump about a week or so ago, to see how it would do. It seems to be doing really great so I planted the rest of my borage seedlings there. I have also planted one of my painted daisy seedlings and a lavender seedling by the stump. We will see how these are doing next weekend. If all goes well, I will plant the rest of my painted daisies and lavender around the stump. I’d love to get a hydrangea or two to put over there, too, but I just don’t think I want to pay the price. We’ll see. I may changed my mind.

My Blooming Allium

My Blooming Allium

OH! My Allium are blooming, despite their foliage looking like it is dying. I’m really surprised by this. I wish the leaves didn’t look so…icky…but I’m grateful for the blooms I didn’t think would come.

Its back to work today. I had only one day off last week and I can feel it. It was a really busy week. So far, this week is looking a little less hectic, but that could always change with this new property management company added to the mix. It’s a good thing. More work, more money, but I really like having two days off, preferably together.

Summer has been checking in with us over the last few days, with temps in the mid to upper 70’s. Its been wonderful, but the rain is back today. I am actually sort of grateful for the rain this time since I have just planted some stuff in the ground. April showers bring May flowers (ok, it’s more like May showers bring June flowers for me this time). The forecast for the entire week is rain, from rain likely to slight chance of showers to rain, with temps in the upper 50’s to mid 60’s, with one night actually getting into the upper 30’s.

I have to say I have been feeling like my old self, again. The antidepressant is apparently doing what it is supposed to do, and I am grateful for that. It’s amazing how one can end up in a severely depressed state and not really realize just how depressed they are. At least, that is how it worked for me. Now that I am feeling better, I can see just where I was at. Wow is all I can say about that, I guess.

Well, I had better get myself ready to go. I am going to go do laundry before I head to work. I could have done it yesterday, but then I wouldn’t have gotten my butterfly garden in. I took the trade-off. I hope everyone has an amazing day!!!


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