Checking in with the Pack…

Yesterday was a long day. The clean itself wasn’t really too bad, but it is a new property management company that we are working with, so Cayle wanted me to give it the 5 star treatment. 5 stars always wears me out and I find myself wishing I had the day off today. I have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath unit today.

Enzo is so photogenic

Enzo Enzo Enzo

Something is wrong with my Enzo. He has been coughing all night long. He sounds like a goose, coughing until it makes him gag or throw up. I think Lance plans on taking him to the vet after the morning walk.

I think Lance is scared to take Ezno in. He is really connected to Enzo, emotionally, and I believe Lance may be afraid of what the vet might say it going on with Enzo. I’m more along the line of I’d rather know what’s going on and deal with it than wait to see if it just stops. I understand his fear, though.

We have faced a lot of challenges, and heart ache, over the past 6+ years, as I’ve mentioned on many occasions. It makes it hard not to let the mind create the worst case scenario when something or someone you care about isn’t quite right. I find it has also made it harder to talk myself down off the panic ledge on these types of things.

Lance shows it differently than I do, but I can see it on him. He is worried and trying to convince himself that everything is alright with Enzo. I think this is why he decided to take the walk before taking Enzo to the vet.

I, personally, tend to be the one that would already be sitting in front of the vet waiting for them to open. Maybe Lance’s method is the better one this time. Sitting in front of the vet, waiting with a dog that is coughing horribly, obviously not feelings well, just allows too much time to just sit and worry about it.

Truman doing one of his favorite things

My Tru-dog

I will be making an appointment for Truman when I get paid next. I have spent the past year watching him, assessing his hips. I had been noticing the he was aching more after the morning walks, and at other times. I didn’t want to jump at it being time for Truman. The past year has shown me that it is time to honor my promise to the dog.

When Truman was a puppy, he wiped out in the snow, hurting one of his hips in the process. Nothing that required a vet visit, but it caused him to yelp when he wiped out. No limping or anything afterward, but it brought to the front of my mind the fact that all three of the breeds in his genetic make-up are prone to multiple forms of dysplasia. I made a promise to not keep him around for me if he was in pain when he got older. He is in pain.

I set Truman’s birthday as June 8th, based on how old he was when we got him. I am setting his appointment up for June 8th. He will be 9 years old. I have schedule time off from work, starting on my birthday, June 6th, through the 12th, to give myself some time to grieve. Truman really has been the best dog on earth and he will leave a huge void once he is gone.

Beautiful Luna Lu

Beautiful Luna Lu, AKA Creepy Kid

Ms. Luna Lu jumped the fence yesterday. I pulled into the driveway last night after work to be greeted by Luna at the Jeep. Of course, the first thing I do after bringing her back into the yard is check the fence to try to figure out where she got out. There is a spot next to one of the gates that they have gotten out though before but we had built that area up and it has been keeping them in. Apparently, she got herself over it in pursuit of one of our cats.

I would never have figured this was where she got out if it hadn’t been for her paw prints all through my garden. Four sunflowers got trampled. Thankfully, I have more sunflower seedlings to replace the trampled ones. After assessing the damages, I brought Luna out to my garden, where she basically told on herself.

I had Luna walk with me over to the garden. As we got closer to it, she got closer to the ground. I pointed to the garden, pointed to the garden and prepared to tell her “NO,” and she was almost on her back, flipping the end of her tail hurriedly. I had to pause for moment to keep from laughing. It always amazes me how easily these dogs give themselves up. I pointed to the garden, and, as I  moved my arm across the length of the garden, I told her “NO.” I did this twice then we went back into the yard. Creepy kid.

Mr. Achilles

Mr. Achilles, little lover boy

Mr. Achilles, well, he is my Mr. Achilles. My cuddle bug, my little lover boy. He comes and licks my face off every morning, snuggles up to me while we are watching TV and while I’m sleeping, and grumbles whenever any of the other dogs tries to snuggle me. It’s not a growl, but a grumble. Think Marge from the Simpsons.

Right now, it would appear that Mr. Achilles is doing just fine. He hasn’t been getting into trouble or acting like he isn’t feeling well. One out of four, right?



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