Gladioli, Rain, Hydrangea, and What to Plant Around the Stump…



Well, as forecasted, the rain is back today. I didn’t get any more of the planting area cleared yesterday but I did get about half of my gladioli bulbs in the ground. These are directly in front of the sunflowers and I think this is going to be quite beautiful once everything is up and in bloom. I’m contemplating putting my borage in front of this half of the planting area, in front of the gladioli. I’m going to think about that one over the next couple of days while it rains.

I’m still really wanting to plant stuff around the stump. I look out there and, to me, it just screams it needs plants with flowers. I saw some hydrangea yesterday at Costco and had to Google Search if they would do well in highly acidic soil.

I knew the color of the flowers on a hydrangea plant is determined by the nutrients that are in the soil but never knew what conditions caused what color. Apparently, it is the Ph levels. The more acidic the soil, the bluer the flower. More alkaline soil causes pink flowers. That said, I can plant hydrangea around the stump and will have blue flowers. I may just have to pick some of those up when/if I can find them on sale.

Azaleas do well in acidic soil, too. Camellias do well in acidic soil, as well, though they prefer a moderately shady placement. The stump sits out in the sun for most of the day, baking happily away in the mid-afternoon sun. Camellias would not be happy around the stump. Azaleas have many of the same requirements for growing that the Camellias do so are, also, not a great candidate for the stump.

I think I am going to need to stop in a nursery and talk to someone about what types of plants I could put around the stump that would thrive. I want to put perennials there so the area continues to look nice year after year. I know I won’t be living here forever but it would be nice to enjoy beauty. I tend to leave any place I have lived with an enjoyable landscape.

Well, its time to get myself together for work. Have a wonderful, beauty-filled day, Everyone!!


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