Getting Some Sunflowers in the Ground, On the Road Again, and a Second Income…

2015 planitng area, before

2015 planting area, before

Well, I didn’t get the whole planting area prepared yesterday, but I did make a great dent in it and actually got to plant some of my seedlings. Almost all of my Mammoth Sunflowers are now in the ground, along with around half of my Velvet Queen, Autumn Beauty, Radiance, and Chianti Sunflowers. The new round of Vanilla Ice Sunflowers are nowhere near ready to be planted, for some reason I am unaware of. They have grown a little weird this round. We will see what happens with them. Anyway, here is what I got done yesterday:

starting to get things planted 2015

starting to get things planted 2015

I am not going to have enough room in this planting area for what needs to be planted. I think I’m going to have some dirt delivered and give planting around the stump a shot, or pick a different area and create a raised bed. I’m going to need to figure that one out soon, though. Anyway, the planting has begun and I am happy.

So, the Jeep is running, again. So far, no stalling and cold starts only take two turns of the key instead of the three is was taking. I’m not going to say I have completely fixed the problem, yet, though, but it feels like it. I’m just not ready to commit to it being fixed. The Jeep is 18 years old so things are bound to crop up on it, but it is doing great right now and I’m happy about that. I really do love my Jeep, a lot more than I thought I would.

It’s back to work today. I’m grateful today is a short day so I can come home and get more of the planting area prepped and possibly some more plants in the ground. It’s supposed to start raining tomorrow but is only forecasted to do so tomorrow and the next day, then the sun is forecasted to be back. YAY!!

Lance has found some work and it sounds like this may last for at least a month. I wish he had something a bit more concrete and long-term but at least there is more money coming in, which is great. Plus, he is getting to do construction, which makes him happy.

Well, I’d better get going so I can get back here and garden. Have a great day, Everyone!!!


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4 Responses to Getting Some Sunflowers in the Ground, On the Road Again, and a Second Income…

  1. Dad says:

    Our tulips came, they budded and flowered and the next day the deer ate all the flowers. They also like roses, hosts and most flowers. Even with deer repellant it is a challenge. At least they don’t eat the fig trees. Isn’t gardening fun! The deer come at night so we usually do not even see them. Oh well, at least the local fauna is well fed. Love Dad

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    • I believe my main challenge is going to be bunnies. Though, I have cats, and they love to chase bunnies, so maybe not. Now that I think about it, I believe my main challenges are going to be bugs and my own cats…lol


  2. Dad says:

    Host as, not hosts


  3. Dad says:

    Darn spellcheck


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