Jeep Frustration…

new caliper and rotor for the Jeep

Aren’t they pretty?

So, I’ve replaced the bad caliper and rotor, brakes. YAY! Now, the stalling problem is back. How utterly frustrating. I would be out there working on it now, but Lance had to go look at a job and has the tools in the van with him. Bummer.

Honestly, I’m not sure where to go next with the Jeep. I’m going to clean the IAC when Lance gets home, but, if that doesn’t solve the stalling problem, I’m not really sure what the issue could be. I guess it will be time to have the alternator, starter, and battery checked.

I’m 98% certain it isn’t the battery because I bought a new one a couple of days after I bought the Jeep. I don’t really think it is an alternator problem, either, because the Jeep will go for days with absolutely no problems starting. It also will start and run, as long as I keep my foot on the accelerator. Crud. I guess that sort of rules out the starter, too.

I’ve looked in the manual at the troubleshooting section. For an engine that starts but stops immediately (which is what the Jeep is doing), it gives these possibilities:

  1. Loose or faulty electrical connections at distributor, coil, or alternator.
  2. Fault in the fuel or electrical systems (Chapters 4 and 5 in the manual).
  3. Vacuum leak at the gasket surfaces of the intake manifold or throttle body. Make sure all mounting bolts/nuts are tightened securely and all vacuum hoses connected to the manifold are positioned properly and in good condition

I have to admit that, ever since the stalling problem first started (for me), I’ve had a feeling it was a fuel issue, partly because it will continue to run as long as my foot is on the gas. Also, when I start the Jeep for the first time of the day, I have to turn the ignition three times to get it to start. The engine turns with the first two turns of the ignition, but doesn’t fire up until the third turn, no matter what. After changing the fuel pump on a different vehicle we used to have, it was the same way: three turns to start, no matter what. I know. Different vehicle but it is the same system, and I don’t think there is a whole lot of major differences in that. I could be wrong.

I miss the old style Chilton manuals. They were so much easier to follow. Now, vehicle manuals act as if you have a fair amount of mechanical knowledge and the pictures are almost unhelpful. Chilton used to show you what it was and show you enough that you could locate exactly where something was at if you didn’t know already. I can find pretty much everything, but sometimes I run into something that I really wish I had the picture for just so I could ‘feel’ like I had a better understanding. A lot of times, that worked.

Anyway, I’ve dawdled enough. Time to go clean every last electrical connection in the engine that I can get to. I think I’m going to check the plugs, as well. I have no idea when the last tune-up was done on the Jeep. Maybe I should look through all of the receipts that came in a nice folder with the Jeep. 😉


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2 Responses to Jeep Frustration…

  1. Dad says:

    The new format is a nice improvement and has a professional look to it. Sorry you are having
    Jeep problems. Some friends had a late 90’s one that had electrical problems. They would go out in the morning and it would not start. I think it had something to do with the coil. That happened several times.
    Hope all else is well.. Love dad


    • Thanks, Dad! I’m liking the new format as well. 🙂 I think all older Jeeps have a ghost in the electrical system. The coil is definitely a possibility from what I have researched online, along with a bunch of other things. The electrical issues in older Jeeps seem to be something that baffles many mechanics as they try to diagnose and repair the issue, from what I’ve read. This particular issue seems to be random at best, the culprit ranging from the coil to the glass hatch sensor and many things inbetween. One of the things I’m finding interesting is that I’m not heading toward giving up on the Jeep when I know I have felt betrayed by most of the vehicles I have had that have given me such challenges. I really do love the Jeep.
      Anyway, things are going well here. Hope everything is well there. Give my love to Bev. I love you Dad!!!


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