18th Birthday, Weather Attitude, Side Work, and Jeep Repairs/Maintenance…

Happy April 29th, Everyone!! Today, my baby, my son, turns 18 years old! I can hardly believe it. When I close my eyes, I see the most adorable little baby boy with orange crayon in his teeth, crawling away from me as fast as he can, behind the couch, orange crayon gripped in his little hand, giggling the whole time. He was such a silly, happy baby, and I fell deeply, madly in love with him the second I saw him. He is growing into being a really great man and I am so proud of him.

Yesterday, as my husband put it, I was not fit for human consumption. When Lance got back from walking the dogs yesterday, he said that about himself and I thought “Yep. That’s where I’m at, exactly.” I don’t know if it was the weather or alignment of the planets or what, but I felt like a complete storm of discontent, frustration, and dissatisfaction. I’m so grateful I am not feeling like that, again, this morning.

I’m really proud of Lance and myself. With both of us feeling the way we did yesterday, we managed to not take it out on each other or circle around each other like wild wolves circling a kill in an attempt to avoid conversation, prepared to attack with a vengeance at the slightest mis-step. Amazingly, we got along pretty well. Its taken many years for us to learn how to do this, to not take out the bad energy flowing throw either of us on the other just because they are available. I think we might be growing up…lol.

I have a side job today. We have cleaned for this guy before, a couple of months ago, so the clean shouldn’t be too bad. It’s a good hour to hour and a half drive away, which sucks, but I’m grateful for the work, and the unplanned for money coming in.

Friday is pay-day and I have nothing on the schedule for work. I’m grateful for that. I will be buying the parts for the Jeep to rebuild the front brakes a bit. The caliper on the driver’s side is completely done and the rotor on that side isn’t great. The brakes need replacing all the way around. I’ not having any problems stopping and they aren’t grinding or squealing but I’ve heard them drag slightly a couple of times, so its time to do the brakes before they create problems. It will take some time to do, but the work isn’t really that bad, overall.

I believe I have fixed the stalling issue the Jeep was having. I used the ‘solution’ I found on carcomplaints.com, solution #6. It seemed like such a silly fix and like there was no way that it would be able to have any effect on the stalling issue, or anything else for that matter, but the Jeep hasn’t stalled once in the last few days since doing the fix, so I’m happy and don’t really need to know why it works.

Anyway, life continues to move forward. My back is feeling much, much better. My follow-up with the doctor went fine. We have started to move all our kitchen stuff into the 5th wheel since we have decided to use it as our kitchen. It feels weird but I think I will love that we are doing this in the end. I just don’t do change very well. But I had better get myself ready and move the cleaning supplies into the van so I am ready to go when Lance gets home from walking the dogs. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Should you feel so inclined, please send some wonderful birthday energy to my son today. 😉


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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1 Response to 18th Birthday, Weather Attitude, Side Work, and Jeep Repairs/Maintenance…

  1. Lauren Baca says:

    Hope you got my happy birthday text that I sent telling you to wish him a happy birthday for me and love you mason your big sis


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