Acclimation, Phone Let Down, Exorcizing the Jeep’s Ghost…

I think my body is starting to acclimate to the antidepressant. I am starting to have some of the depression that was eased creep back in a bit. I don’t have the unrealistic expectation that the antidepressant will make the world a beautiful place full of rainbows, butterflies, and ballons, but, since I stalk my mind, do system checks daily to see where I’m at, having the thoughts of depressing things, feeling them, is frustrating. Does that make sense?

I’m skipping my gratitude list this morning. I’ll try writing it later. I just don’t feel like it this morning. Sometimes, its hard to find the things I’m grateful for. Well, at least, some mornings, its hard to actually feel the gratitude and I guess I’m having one of those mornings.

So, I’ve had my new phone for about a month now. I actually really like the phone but I have run into a couple of issues with it that I’m less than happy with. One issue is that, often times, when I go to take a picture with my phone, it tells me that it doesn’t have enough space and I need to delete some things and try again. I’ve never had this happen before, though my husband has. I’ve always chalked it up to he has an off brand phone (an alcatel) which, in my mind, meant an inferior phone. I know. How judgemental. Apparently, my ZTE ZMAX is an inferior phone. Bummer.

The second issue I have run into with this phone, and the one I find most distressing, is it won’t play my audiobooks. This alone made me want to go back to my old phone but I don’t have it anymore. My daughter’s phone flew off her counter, attacked a cat bowl and lost. The cat bowl cracked her phone’s screen so I gave her my old phone when I got the new one.

Yesterday, I did a Google search for the best android app to play audiobook files. I scanned the search results, clicked on one which took me to an app in the PlayStore, and scrolled down to the reviews to see what people had to say about it. The very first review just so happened to be from my brother, Shane. He gave it 5 stars. That was enough for me. I downloaded the app, Smart Audiobook Player.

It took all of seconds to download. I was excited. I figured out which root directory was the one I wanted it to pull from, then tried to play one of the audiobooks I have on the sd card in my phone. Every last audiobook I tried to play, the app told me the file was corrupted. I can’t play any of them. Complete let down. How frustrating.  I think I am going to have to find an mp3 player that plays wma’s and won’t reorganize all the track from each book into alphabetical order. Since we have already tried to do that for my husband, I know it is going to be a challenge to find one in my price range, which isn’t much. In the meantime, I guess I will just have to download the audiobooks to my computer and wait until I have something to play them on. For now, Pandora is what I get to listen to at work, which is ok but not what I am wanting.

I have an easy clean scheduled for today. Its the unit of the old on-site manager at the condo complex I clean the common areas at every week. I have actually already cleaned the unit. She hired me to clean it when she moved out and the company signed off on it. Noone knows I have cleaned it already and, since they already had signed off on it when she moved out, I really didn’t think it would come up on my schedule.

I told the old on-site manager (we keep in touch) that I’ve been scheduled to clean it. Her first response was “Clean what?!” I’m really good at what I do. I almost never get a call back for something missed. She then told me to clean it anyway, get paid for cleaning it twice. Part of me wonders if that is ethical. The rest of me thinks that they believe it needed something done to it so I will go an do a thorough look around to see if there is anything I can improve on. Since everything has already been done, by me, I don’t see this taking me much time at all. I have another unit there scheduled for tomorrow so I will probably just go clean it after double checking her old unit.

Tomorrow, since I am probably doing that clean today, I am going to deal with the Jeep. It has been having an issue. I start it, it dies immediately. I have read through the Haynes manual to see what it has to say and then I did a Google search for this issue. It apparently is a common issue for Jeeps around the same age as mine (its a 1997), and one that baffles almost everyone, including mechanics. You gotta love Jeeps and the electrical ghost each one has (at least the older ones).

On the site, one guy came up with a solution that solved his problem and I am fully saturated with the feeling that it is exactly what I need to do with my Jeep. He created a bracket for the PCM that holds the connectors in, making it impossible for them to vibrate loose. The connectors never really come completely out of their sockets but can vibrate enough from the engine running and driving around to cause the connectors to not have to correct contact. After doing this to his Jeep, he has no more problems with it stalling out. The parts cost all of around $7 at Home Depot and it takes about an hour of time to complete the fix. I’m all over this like flies on stinky stuff. I’ll let you know how it goes. My fingers are crossed. I love my Jeep (no sarcasm in that statement at all, not even a little bit).


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