Daily Affirmations and Tarot Readings…

So, yesterday, I downloaded a daily affirmations app and a tarot app to my phone. The daily affirmations app is called ‘Daily Affirmations’ and the tarot app is called ‘Wisdom Within.’ I’m not exactly sure what it is I am expecting to get out of utilizing these apps, but its something new I’m trying to possibly get me out of my head and back to living life to the best of my ability. I found both apps in the Google Play Store.

The daily affirmations app works horribly. It doesn’t show the affirmation like it is supposed to. It has a share option, which I click, then choose messaging as my sharing option, which puts the affirmation of the day into a text message, where I can actually read it. Today’s affirmation is “I create opportunities for myself to succeed.” My very first thought after reading it was “Oh God, I hope so.” I’m not sure this is really a great response but it was the one I had without thought, so it must be the most true, in my opinion. I’m sure there is a lot there I could decipher, but I don’t feel like it. I’m just going to let that be whatever it is.

I did a 3 card reading and a one card reading with the Wisdom Within tarot app. The three card reading, which I didn’t focus on a topic before choosing my cards, gave me Choices (situation), Details (emotional change), and Discernment (advice). The reading gave me some things to pay attention to.

Choices says “I always have choices and I make them based on who I am at a soul level.” After sitting with this for a minute, I have come to realize that I don’t feel like I have any choices, options, in my life. I have to work and feel stuck in the job I have, which I am less than pleased with. It doesn’t feed my soul at all. I know this is common for most people, but…it is affecting my overall outlook. I’m not saying it is the sole cause for my outlook, but definitely a contributor.

Details says “I am mindful of the details as I follow my path of illumination.” It goes on to say that “it may be important to be mindful of details or let some details go in order to move ahead more fully and freely into the bigger picture of your life.” Are there details in my life that I am ignoring or holding on to that I need to just let go of? I’m going to say probably to both of those, though I’m not sure of what they are. I guess this is a good reminder for me to get inside that overgrown garden in my head and do some serious weeding.

Discernment says “As I utilize my inherent discernment in situations, the world becomes a friendly place.” I definitely needed more on this card. The card goes on to read “The true nature of judgement is the ability to take a complex situation and simplify it by picking out the truth or pointing out the most important information to pay attention to.” I don’t think this has been my strong point, lately. Sometimes, I’m in a place, mentally, where I just don’t care enough about any aspect of any situation to even attempt to pick out the truth or most important information. Other times, I seem incapable of separating any pertinent details out of a situation to find the solution, if one is needed, the truth, or what’s the parts that I need to take away from it. I feel that I am usually much better at doing this, though not always or in all situations. This is bothersome to me.

This reading was both good and…well, not very comfortable. A lot of it really hit home and I’m trying not to take it in as another spotlight on what isn’t quite right in my own internal world. I felt the need for one more card to kind of tie it all together. This is the card that came up:



My initial, unprompted thought on this one was “I do?” Also not good, I believe. This card talks about there being an area of my life that has become stagnant due to lack of attention and it is inhibiting my forward movement. It suggests that this could be something as mundane as de-cluttering my surroundings or as severe as removing the things from my life that are “no longer feeding your [my] soul,” whether it is a relationship or a job or ??? It also suggests that I may have “outgrown certain thoughts or emotional patterns.” Ok. This is one that I am going say is more than likely true. With all of the thoughts, memories, whatever that I have had coming up for me over the past months, I feel like maybe this is part of me changing by processing the gunk so it can be let go of instead of continuing to carry it forward any longer. Perhaps this is why I find myself having a hard time making decisions about a whole lot in my life, like how to move on to doing something that feeds me, feeds my soul, at least a bit more so than what I’m doing now.

And what do I do with all of this? Let it sit, let my mind wrap around it, and see what the results are. Hopefully, this will lead me to the other side of the swamp I feel stuck in. We shall see, right?


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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