Time Off Day 3, A Surprise from Lance, What I’m Listening to Now, and Runaway Update…

Today is day three of time off from work. It has been a really great two days so far and I foresee today being just as relaxing. I love when my days off are in a row instead of broken up. They are definitely more restorative this way.

So, what have I accomplished with my free time? Not a whole lot, and part of me feels that I may have been just wasting the time because I could. I have no feelings of guilt over this lack of accomplishment. In fact, I am congratulating myself for taking the time to take care of me.

It hasn’t been completely unproductive. I went and had my hair cut. It had been way too long and the ends were looking pretty gnarly. Now, I can run my fingers through my hair without the sometimes comical snagging of the fingers and brushing it is not a test of wills between my hair and the brush. Like I said, it had been way too long.

I also transplanted my Mammoth Sunflowers. No, not into the ground. We have a few nights forecasted to be in the upper 30’s and I don’t have the area I am planning on planting them prepared yet. It’s hard to be motivated to take up the shovel and rake knowing my shoulders and hands are going to be protesting every forward movement of the garden. In my mind, I believe renting a rototiller or cultivator will make this easier, though I know the stress this will put on these body parts, as well. Different movements so different effects. However I decide to get it done, I shall before my Mammoths need to be in the ground.

I also picked up some wooden skewers to use as stakes for my Mammoths. They are all flopsie mopsie, which will eventually bend their tender stems, causing them to die off. Staking them is part of the plan for today.

Lance surprised me with coming home last night. I was in the yard tossing the dogs’ slobber balls around when he came driving through the grass. It actually took me a minute to realize it was Lance driving through the lawn. (We have a gate and I have the clicker. Lance had to pull in through the air strip). It was definitely a great surprise and I am happy to have him home. My Truman had gone with Lance and was just as excited to be home as I was to have him back home. He ignored the other three dogs and came straight for his mom. I love my Tru-Dog.

I am downloading a new book (new to me at least) by Brene Brown. It is called The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are. I have been trying to just listen to the discs in the Jeep but have come to realize that I don’t really spend that much time in the Jeep.

One of the things Brene has talked about in the book so far has been when she went through her mid-life crisis/breakdown. She likes to call it her Spiritual Awakening instead, because she believes that is really what it is. Brene says it’s the time in one’s life when they finally come to terms with who they actually are instead of holding on to who it is they believe they are supposed to be. It can be quite to process letting go of those old, self-imposed expectations of one’s self.

But, I haven’t even made it through the first disc, yet. I can’t really give you the whole jist of it. I really enjoyed her Men, Women, and Worthiness so I am certain I will enjoy this one.

I think I have come to realize that I may be going through this whole mid-life crisis/breakdown/spiritual awakening thing. I have been listening to a bunch of self-help type audiobooks over the last few or more months. The need to understand myself better has definitely been a driving force in some of this, along with the ability to download these audiobooks for free, giving me the freedom to listen to whatever strikes my fancy. Apparently, lately, my fancy has been self-help and spiritual knowledge/understanding. Whatever the reason, it is where I’m at.

I finally talked with my stepdaughter’s mom yesterday. She hasn’t heard from the girls, but, apparently, the girls are staying at K’s boyfriend’s place, somewhere in Renton. K is only 16 years old. The police told her there is really nothing they or we can do because F will just take off again if she doesn’t want to be at home. Unfortunately, home is changing for their mom. I guess the girls were doing drugs in the parking lot and this caused them to get kicked out of their apartment. It’s all a huge mess.

I’m grateful I never had to go through this with my own children. I really believed I would because of the way I was as a teen. Karma and all that. This is not to say that we didn’t go through our own challenges but they seemed so manageable in comparison. No running away, no drugs, no fights at school.

Well, the day is almost half over so I had better get going with the things I want to accomplish today. It’s a small list but some of it is time-consuming. Back to work tomorrow!


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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