First Day of Spring and The National Runaway Safeline…

Spring starts today in 6 hours, 55 minutes, and 45 seconds! I was hoping I would wake up to the sun today but it is overcast and looks like rain. That’s ok. It is Spring and rain is just part of the package. All of the seeds and plants need a nice long drink of water to get themselves up and going. My tulips did start to bloom yesterday, though they never did look fully open. I am going to have to go out and see what they look like today.

In honor of Spring, I have started another round of seeds. The plants I have going are doing ok, though I have lost all of my borage and lavender. I am beginning to think it is the well water that is the problem. I may need to start boiling water for them or getting water at the store. I don’t know how I’ll remedy this situation once everything is planted in the ground but I have time to figure it out. A friend said I can have the water tested for free. I wish there was a home testing kit for that. I know the water is high in iron because any water that sits in a container leaves a red-ish residue behind, though the color of the water is clear. Maybe an inline filter will resolve the matter.

Still no word from my stepdaughter. I am a bit more worried now. I really believed she would be home the first night, or yesterday morning, but she wasn’t and her mom still hasn’t heard from her. It’s really hard to not let the memories of my own experiences with running away at a very young at factor in to my thoughts about my stepdaughter running away. She isn’t me and my story is my story. This is the first time I have wished I was still somehow connected to that world. I think it would make it where I would know how to find her, but that may just be what I’m telling myself because I feel so helpless.


I hopped on the National Runaway Safeline website last night. Did you know that a runaway kid can get a free ride home through this organization and Greyhound Buslines? I had no idea. The site also offers a bunch of materials that you can download, advice for parents of a runaway, resources for runaways, such as someone they can talk to by calling 1-800-RUNAWAY (1-800-786-2929), and resources for parents of a missing child or runaway child. One of the resources is an organization called the Polly Klaas Foundation (800-587-4357) that will help make and distribute posters of missing children. Operation Lookout (1-800-LOOKOUT) has a 24-hour hotline, provides service and legal referrals, and works with local authorities in the search of the missing child.

Yes, looking through this website was an attempt to make me feel a bit less helpless with helping to find my stepdaughter and get her home, safe. I’m not sure I feel any  more empowered than I did before, though. Her mom and I don’t talk so I have no idea what she has or has not done. The reception where Lance is at is not great so my stepdaughter’s mom and Lance haven’t really talked much about everything. Most of what has been exchanged by them has been texts and the info has been as minimal as it gets ( “Have you heard anything?” “No”). This frustrates me beyond belief. I told Lance to text me my stepdaughter’s mom’s phone number so I can call her and possibly get more information than he has gotten. Plus, I can let her know about the resources on the National Runaway Safeline website. If this is all I can do to help, then at least it is something.

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