The Daily Post, Daily Prompts: Seasonal Scents

Ok. I have been having a hard time writing lately. More accurately, I’ve had a hard time finding something to write about. My posts have been less than entertaining and I’m sure they are a bore because I find them boring. How does one attempt to fix this? Head over the The Daily Post’s Daily Prompts and keep trying another prompt until you find something that sparks your interest. At least, that is what I have done. Here we go…

Seasonal Scents

Smell is such a powerful thing. It can take you to any place and time, bring tears or joy or feelings of nostalgia in an instant, recall a forgotten memory. The light scent of lemons always reminds me of trips in the car with my parents when I was a kid (my mom always bought lemon drops). The scent of lemons also makes me think of warm, sunny summer days as a kid, when summer meant exploring, playing, just being in the moment and enjoying the feel of the sun on my face.

Fresh cut grass reminds me of Spring. It always amazes me how wonderful that smell is at the beginning of the season and, by the end of it, has lost its appeal. It’s not that the scent becomes gross to me, because it doesn’t. I love the smell of fresh-cut grass, but by the time summer has rolled around (mid summer some years), it no longer is waking up the hibernating bear in me.

Those first cuts, though…heaven. My whole system wakes up and takes notice. Joy and serenity pour through my system in a moment and memories of Springs and Summers past stream through the recesses of my mind, bringing a smile to my face in an instant. I feel powerful. Life seems more centered, less stressful, and the feeling that anything is possible, nothing bad can happen, the darkness has finally ended, settles in with a deep sigh of relief. The weight of the world goes away, if even just for a little bit.

Most of the memories that come to me with the scent of fresh-cut grass are from my childhood. I believe that is because that is when life seemed so simple, less overwhelming, uncomplicated by the responsibilities of being an adult. Time wasn’t a factor.

As an adult, the smell of fresh-cut grass immediately brings to mind thoughts of gardens, seedlings, flowers. If I haven’t already planned out what I am growing that year, my mind begins to swirl with images of flowers and herbs and vegetables, where I will plant what, how it will all look when everything is at its peak of growing, catching scents of this flower or that herb in the air. Even the image of bees going from plant to plant are present in this image. This, too, brings a smile to my face, and evokes all of the same feelings as the childhood memories.

As I sit here writing this, the images and feelings I’m trying to describe wash through me, reminding me that these moments are but a heartbeat away. I’m smiling with the memories. It is no wonder Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.



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