Warm Morning, Spring is Almost Here, Lance’s Yurt Build Frustrations…

It’s a blazing warm 55 degrees this morning! Spring is making her imminent arrival in 6 days known. It was such a gift yesterday to walk out to check my tulips and see buds beginning to push their way out. Who knows? Maybe they will begin to bloom on the first day of Spring. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I left my Mammoth, Velvet Queen, and Autumn Beauty sunflowers outside, under cover, last night and they are looking very well this morning. This is great news since I am going to need to transplant some of my other plants into bigger pots, which means they will take up more room. I’m a little bit nervous about leaving them outside tomorrow night since the forecasted temp is 38 degrees. We shall see how it goes. Maybe the forecast will change. If it doesn’t, I am hoping this will be the last night of 30-something degree temps at night until sometime in fall; even better would be sometime in winter.

I really need to rent a DR so I can clear all the tall, last year grass from the other side of the driveway. I look over there and all I can see is a sea of wildflowers growing. I really want to make that happen. It would be so beautiful to look at all summer long as I leave for work in the mornings and come home in the afternoon/evening. I’m going to need to buy probably 150 feet more of hose so I can water over there after I get the seeds in.

I also need to clear out a strip in front of the fence line, where I plan on planting all my sunflowers. I think I am going to plant my gladioli and calla lilies in front of the sunflowers. I think that would be a really nice looking color scheme. I’m still thinking about it though. I may just end up doing something else with the gladioli and Callas. I need to draw out planting diagrams to get a better mental image of what I believe that will look like.

I talked with my husband this morning. It’s really disheartening to hear him get more and more frustrated with the way things are going on the build. The guy he is doing the build with, a friend, the one that connected Lance with the client, is being really difficult to work with. This guy is basically living on the job, as is Lance, with no other overhead anywhere else in his life. He gets up when he wants to get up and starts working when he feels like it. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if this guy hasn’t decided that he is in charge of supply money.

Lance gets up, ready to work, and has no supplies with which to do so. He has to wait for this guy to be up and then decide he is ready to go get supplies. This, personally, would drive me absolutely nuts, especially since this guy wouldn’t be able to build the yurt at all without Lance. Lance has built them. This ‘friend’ has not. Lance has been up there almost a week now and has gotten minimal hours in because of the way this is playing out. Not a single day has been a full eight hours of work, and only one day was even close at 7 hours.

I hear the depression over this situation in Lance’s voice. He really wants to build this yurt, was so incredibly excited about doing so, and, now, I think he just wants to come home and be done with it all together. The hitch is that he knows the yurt will be amazing when he is done with it and its something he has wanted to do for a really long time. At the rate this is going because of this ‘friend’ he is working with, it will take the entire Spring to build the yurt, which is just ridiculous. Ok. Maybe not the entire Spring, but way longer than it should take. It is already way behind where it could be.

I guess you could say this ‘friend’ is a bit of a control freak, at least when it comes to work. He feels the need to be in control of the money, where they buy supplies, when they do, and could care less if they are working a full eight hours each day or only a couple of hours. There have been a number of days where they have only worked around 2-1/2 – 3 hours due to this guy. I really wish there was something I could do about it, to make it better than what it is right now.

I keep telling Lance he needs to talk with the client, make sure he understands that Lance is in charge of the yurt part of the build and that supply money should go to him so he can keep this moving forward in a smooth, timely manner. I’ve told Lance to have a talk with this ‘friend’ about how unhappy he is with how this is going and remind him that the yurt building part is really his part to take care of. Lance says talking with this friend about it is like trying to have a conversation with a 5  year old. This is not working out, in my opinion. I tend to be a bit more forward with my thoughts than Lance is. I have absolutely no problem what-so-ever telling someone this is how its is going to work and you don’t have to like it. Lance doesn’t want to exclude his friend from the build since the friend brought him the work, but I would be ending that working relationship if the friend can’t get a hold of himself and stop acting as if this is his build, not Lance’s.

I’ll admit that part of me wants to just quit my job and go work this thing with Lance. It would go much smoother than it is. Lance and I have worked together before, years doing construction together, and both like to hit the ground running on projects. I don’t really want to go back into construction, but if it got this first yurt built so it could potentially perpetuate more business for Lance, I’d do it. Honestly, it would be kind of fun to build a yurt with Lance.

Maybe this is something I need to talk with Lance about. I would have to figure out how I manage the dogs and working over an hour away from home, but I’m sure I could figure it out. We could figure it out. Maybe this is what needs to happen.


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3 Responses to Warm Morning, Spring is Almost Here, Lance’s Yurt Build Frustrations…

  1. Dad says:

    Don’t quit your job. It is your only reliable source of income. Ask for some time off, maybe a week, and if granted you could give Lance a hand. Almost everyone goes through periods when they want to quit their job but then reality kicks in and they plow ahead. If you really want to quit your job have something else in hand before you do. Advice with love from your conservative Dad

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    • I do really want to quit my job but haven’t done so since I don’t have anything else reliable set up, yet. Thank you for reminding me how much you love me, Dad! I’m not sure I could actually get a whole week off, but would do so in a heart beat if it meant getting Lance to a point he is more happy with on the build. It means so much to him and I want to see him succeed with this. Cleaning as a profession is something that is going to be a limited time thing. For now, I’m reducing the amount of cleans I am doing so I actually have the time to get my poop in a group and figure out what it is I am going to do for a steady, reliable income. I love you so much Dad and miss you beyond description. <3<3<3


  2. Dad says:

    By the way, we envy your tulips. Ours are probably another four weeks out.

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