Awesome Day Off, Lug Key, Pulled Chicken, and My Sunflowers…

I can hardly believe it is 3 in the afternoon, already! This has been a really great day off. I woke up an hour later than normal (Thank you Mr Achilles), had my coffee, did my Creating Miracles activity, checked on all my seedlings, watered them, lined up the seedlings that need to definitely get out of the seed cells they are in, took Achilles, Luna, and Truman for a walk, just finished up the dishes, made a payment on a traffic ticket, looked through my phone bill history to find the number for the guy I bought the Jeep from, and chatted with my husband for a little bit.

When I bought the Jeep, I didn’t notice it has a locking lug on each wheel. The guy I purchased it from didn’t mention them, or give me the ‘key’ to remove them. Not really a huge deal, but if I get a flat right now, I’m kind of out of luck. No way to get the tire off. Someone I know said to take the Jeep to Les Schwab because they have a bunch of lug ‘keys’ and should be able to find one that works for me. Now, this sounds like a pretty easy way to go, but I haven’t been able to make myself pull into the Les Schwab I drive past almost every day. You see, the time of day I am usually driving past it, I’m either anxious to get to work and get through whatever clean I have, or I’m on my way home and want to stop absolutely nowhere, whatever the reason. It sounds lazy, I know, and maybe it is. If I don’t hear back from the guy tonight, maybe I’ll swing by Les Schwab tomorrow and see if they can help me out.

I could do laundry tomorrow, but I really don’t feel like it. I kind of want tomorrow to be a really lazy, not responsible type of day. I’ve come to realize that there really are no days where responsibility doesn’t factor in in some way or another. One of the many ‘perks’ of being an adult, I guess.

I’ve had chicken cooking in barbecue sauce in the slow cooker all day. Mason and I are going to have pulled chicken sandwiches and tater tots for dinner tonight. It smells sooo good!! I’ve been snacking on grapes on and off all day to try to stop the grumble in my tummy from the smell of the chicken. I’ll have you know that grapes are definitely no substitute for barbecue pulled chicken.

My daughter found a job!! She is now working at Red Robin in the kitchen. She basically puts the salads and stuff together, and also is washing dishes. She is making pretty good money doing this, and the most money she has made per hour before. She is quite happy about that one.

Yesterday was her first day and she realized she is going to need to learn spanish. Everyone in the kitchen speaks spanish. She has wanted to learn, anyway, and, now, she is basically in a full-immersion learning setting to do so. I told her I felt she would pick it all up pretty quickly and she agreed. Everyone in the kitchen keeps trying to feed her, too. She said she couldn’t understand why. All I had to say to that was “hispanic kitchen.” She laughed, and remembered what it was like in her gram’s kitchen. If you were present in her gram’s kitchen, food was going to be repeatedly offered to you until you ate something. She sounds very happy with her job, and that makes me happy to hear.

I’m leaving my sunflowers out over night, under cover, tonight to see how they handle it. The mammoths and velvet queens are looking about done with the pots they are in so I really want to have them ready to go into the ground before they choke in their pots. The vanilla ice sunflowers are looking pretty good in the pots I transplanted them into a little while ago, but they don’t look like they have done much growing since then. I think it is because they have been in my daughter’s 5th wheel, which is no longer occupied so the heat isn’t going on consistently, lighting is different from it was, minimal interaction (yes, I do believe this is a factor). I’m rearranging what I have in my trailer to make room for them to see if they start growing more again.

Well, that’s it for me. I’m going to go take a nap (gasp!) before dinner. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!!


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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