Being Lazy, Yurt Build for Lance, and How My Future Garden is Growing…

I’m being a lazy butt this morning. I stayed an extra hour in bed and am dragging butt through my morning rituals. It feels good to move at a bit slower pace. Now, if only I could continue this pace for the rest of the day. 🙂

Lance came home last night and will return to the build on Tuesday morning. It’s nice to have him home for a minute. He is really excited, and nervous, about this build. It’s the first yurt he is building for someone else. I’m happy he is getting to do this because I know how much he has wanted to start building yurts for other people. I think he was really in the right place at the right time and that this build will perpetuate more yurt building for Lance. YAY!

Today is the kids’ dad’s birthday. Or, it would have been. Its been just over two years since he died and I still find it a bit strange that he is no longer around. I shouldn’t have such a difficult time with it since I was in the room when he stopped breathing for the final time and his heart beat its last beat, but I find that I still start to reach for my phone, occasionally, to call him up to ask him about this or that. Death is such an odd thing.

My tulips, hollyhock, and Allium are doing great. I still have been covering them at night, even when NOAA tells me that it isn’t going to get below freezing. This is a good thing since NOAA has been wrong a few times. I think it actually didn’t freeze last night, and the forecasted nights to come are showing temps in the low forties. This is a good thing. If it keeps freezing at night, I am going to have to come up with different, larger covering since the plants are getting too big for the ones I have for them.

Mammoth Sunflowers

Mammoth Sunflowers

My sunflowers are doing so great!! The mammoth sunflowers are big enough to start transplanting them into bigger pots. I have been trying to harden them off so I could just transplant them into the ground but, since its been freezing at night, it has been too cold to put them outside when I leave in the morning, so the hardening process is taking a bit longer than I had hoped it would.



The borage that Mr. Brucie laid upon haven’t died off yet. I am hoping maybe they will heal and pull through ok. There is one that goes back and forth between looking like it’s giving up and looking like it is going to make it. We shall see. My fingers are crossed.

I transplanted the lemon balm into bigger pots sometime last week and they are acting as if nothing happened, which is good. No deaths. I should end up having quite a few lemon balm plants if all keeps going well. Since I love lemon balm, this is a really great thing.



The catnip sprouts are doing well, also, and there are more than the original 5 sprouts now. This also makes me very happy. Brucie Bruce is going to be the happiest one once these get big enough for me to let him anywhere near them.

Well, I’ve dawdled enough. I better get going or my day is going to be way too long. Have a beautiful, hopefully sunny day, everyone!!

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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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