Cute, Orange, and Adorable…

Mr. Brucie Bruce

Mr. Brucie Bruce

This is Bruce. We call him Brucie, and Cute, Orange, and Adorable. Brucie is quite the character and we love him very much, but last night was almost his end. You see, I found Brucie curled up on top of my seedlings, napping as if he had found the perfect spot. The seedlings that got crushed by his little body were Borage, Munstead Lavender, and Autumn Beauty sunflowers. After removing him from the poor, obviously very comfortable seedlings, I gave them all water in hopes of giving them a little extra fuel to survive the smooshing. Most everything looks ok this morning, though there are a few Borage seedlings that may not make it since it looks as if they probably have a crease in their stem. That’s ok, though. I will just have to plant more seeds. This is one of the bonuses of starting so early with seeds. It gives me a chance to keep trying when the mishaps happen.

Yesterday, my little seed cells presented me with a wonderful gift. I finally have catnip sprouts!!! I had almost bought catnip seeds the night before, thinking my catnip seeds just weren’t going to sprout. So far, there are 5 little sprouts and I couldn’t be happier, though this adds a bit of angst to the mix. Now that the catnip has sprouted, I worry about them making it to the planting outside phase. My luck with my seeds this year has been a bit mixed so I don’t think my concern is unwarranted. Eventually, I am going to need to protect them from Mr. Cute, Orange, and Adorable. This may require building a cage for the catnip, I think, since Mr. Brucie is such a catnip addict.


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