Seed Start Over…

Starting Over 2/17

Starting Over 2/17

So I started replanting seeds yesterday. I’m grateful I hadn’t used up all the seeds I had put together. The one seed I can’t start over at this point is the Comfrey. I’m out of those, but this just means I will have to order some more when I order some catnip seeds. I did plant some more of my catnip seeds to see if they have better success this time. Almost all of my Munstead Lavender seedlings have given up, along with my most of my basil. I really wish I knew what was going on so I could fix the problems my little seedlings are having but I don’t have a clue. Well, other than the underside of the seeds cells have gotten fuzzy. I have never had such a hard time getting plants to grow and thrive, with the exception of Purple Ruffles basil. I’ve changed things up a bit with this new batch of seeds, though. The egg crates I used for the first round seem to be doing great with no issues so I used more of those for this round. I also have cut a bunch of water bottles in half and planted seeds in them, and will also be attempting to transplant the seedlings that haven’t given up, yet. Its going to be a little bit challenging to transplant these seedlings without disturbing their soil very much but I think I can do it. This has all been a bit frustrating, and heart breaking, but I am determined to have a garden this year and am not giving up. This is happening.


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  1. brukland says:

    I’ve never thought to start seeds in an egg crate. Great idea!


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