Jeep Love, Spring and Sprouts, and Making the Shift…

Ok. I know this is redundant, but I love my Jeep. I really do. I have already gotten comfortable driving it, and that says a lot. It usually takes me a little bit to adjust to a new vehicle but the Jeep already feels like an old friend. I’ve only owned a couple of vehicles that have felt that way immediately. It’s curious to me how that is with some vehicles. I guess they resonate to my vibration, or at least that is what I have heard. At any rate, it’s really nice to be in a vehicle that I am comfortable in and appears to be a great vehicle to boot.

Spring is only 37 days away!!! I have a ton more feverfew sprouts, as of last night, but there still isn’t any catnip sprouts, or any of the others, besides the Munstead Lavender. Oh! And of course my basil and tulip noses. I am beginning to wonder if my catnip seeds had enough time on the plant to develop into viable seeds. I’m not giving up on them, yet, though. It may be just a matter of not quite the right conditions for them.

I really hope the catnip sprouts because the plants they came off of were my catnip plants, grown organically. The seeds weren’t collected for the seed themself. These are the seeds at the bottom of the containers of catnip I had picked for the cats. Hypothetically, the seeds should be good, but… Well, I guess we shall see. If they don’t sprout, I will just have to purchase some.

You know something that I wish? That, every Spring, I could magically be financially secure/independent and not have to work so I could just garden. Ok. I would love to be financially secure/independent anyway, but Spring really pushes that desire to the very front of my mind. I really have no desire to do anything but garden all Spring and Summer.

In my perfect world, I would be financially secure/independent, garden and take pictures all Spring and Summer, then spend the Fall and Winter months writing and taking pictures. Apparently, pictures would be a year round thing. I can think of worse things to do all year round, like working in a dead-end job that I don’t like. HA!

Yesterday, I finished listening to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s Making the Shift: How to Live Your True Divine Purpose. I have to say it has my mind going. A lot of what is said in the book is stuff I already knew or have heard/read in a million different places. We create our reality. Or, at least, we co-create it. We are gods in our own right. Our thinking becomes our reality. Dr. Dyer takes it a step further, discussing the lies we tell ourselves or the beliefs we are taught throughout our lives that keep us stuck in a more passive role in our lives. Things like “You can’t do that”, “That will never work”, “I can’t”, “I would but…”, “If ___ was different, then I could ___.” Dr. Dyer even goes as far as to say stress isn’t real. It is something we do to ourselves, we create it.

I’ll admit that my knee jerk reaction to that last one is “No I don’t,” but there is a part of me that is playing with that idea. If I create it, then I can make it stop. If I understand what the book is saying, then all of the excuses of why there is stress, the car breaking down, money issues, etc., are the words used to justify staying in a stressed state of being. Dr. Dryer isn’t saying that life doesn’t come with its lot of ‘fun’ but that we decide how it affects and effects us. I can agree with that.

I guess the book has a lot to say about perspective and reprogramming the limiting thoughts we have learned and re-teach ourselves on a daily basis. One of the suggestions given is to start everything from the end. Believe you have reached your goal(s). Imagine what that looks like and feels like, go there in your mind, and then act as if you are already there because doing anything else is just reaffirming that we aren’t and puts us in the mind frame of lack. Well, something like that. He says it much better, but I think that is basically the jist of it.

One of the things he suggests doing is going to that place, the goals achieved image you have created in your mind, as you are falling asleep, and allow yourself to feel what the feels like, completely. Dr. Dyer says this is reprogramming your mind. Most of us spend the last 5 minutes before falling asleep going over the day, usually finding the things that didn’t go as planned or desired. He says this tells the subconscious mind that this is what you want to experience in your life so, when awake, it strives to find or create that. If you’re focusing on what you are not pleased with, then that is what you will create. If you spend that last five minutes living in that place you’ve created in your mind of how you want your life to be, really allowing yourself to be there, feeling it as reality, then that is what you will create in your life. You’ll be able to create it because your subconscious mind will believe you are already there.

I know this sounds a lot like some of the stuff in The Secret, and other books of that nature, but it feels a bit different to me. Maybe that is because it comes with some instructions on how I do that, ones that seem to make more sense to me than just a vague thinking process. I know when I was trying to get to that place in my mind last night as I was falling asleep, I kept finding the negatives creeping in, trying to take it away. This, to me, tells me that there could be some validity to what I listened to, and that my conscious mind is trying to keep it from happening because it is used to the other way of thinking and scared about possible change. *shrug*  I’m going to keep trying to do this every night, though. What’s the worst that could happen?


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