My Jeep, My Laptop, Creating Miracles, and Sprouts and Noses…

My Jeep

My Jeep

So, this is my Jeep. I tried to hold off to see how its first week went before letting myself get attached to it, but, when I nearly squealed pointing it out to someone, I realized I was already in love with it. I had to buy a battery for it yesterday, but the previous owner had said that I would probably need to do that in the near future. I wasn’t expecting it to be right away, but I had the money to get the battery after it wouldn’t start yesterday. I am so grateful for that.

Though the Jeep is not the greatest on gas, I think I’m ok with that. Since it drives so nicely and I am confident of it making it to wherever I’m going, the lower gas mileage is not such a huge deal, especially since gas has gone down $2 over the past couple of months. As with any Jeep, it has its quirks, but I am figuring them out and none seem to have to do with the reliability of the vehicle.

The Jeep has way less room for my cleaning supplies but that just means I have to get creative with the arrangement of them. I know it may take a little bit to get the right sequence down, but that’s ok. It’s all about just keeping myself moving forward and I’m capable of figuring that out.

I picked my laptop up from the Geek Squad at Best Buy yesterday. It apparently has a software issue. I’m capable of sailing around the internet, now, though, which is the important thing. All of the hardware checked out just fine.

I know this may sound…weird, but I really missed my laptop. There is something to be said for having a computer that is already set up the way you like it and does things the way you have told it you want them done. All of my info that was lost during the refresh took seconds to restore through simple steps. I’m grateful that it only took having the Geek Squad keep the laptop over night to have the problem fixed. After the issues I have had with attempting to use the other electronic devices we have, I nearly hugged my laptop after spending almost no time at all getting things re-set up on here. Yeah, I’m an odd duck.

I’ve been trying to do the Creating Miracles activity every morning but have missed the last few days. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. I know that when I’m overwhelmed is probably the best time to be doing the activity, but I honestly didn’t even realize that it had been a couple of days since doing it until this morning. I guess my laptop is the trigger for remembering to do my miracles list.

I wrote my Creating Miracles list this morning and almost the whole list was things I am truly grateful for instead of things I am learning how to be grateful for. That was nice. When things have been so challenging for a few days, it’s really comforting to be able to see the good. I’m really grateful that I listened to Melody Beattie’s Make Miracles in Forty Days. It has made me look a bit closer at the events, big and small and everyday things, that occur in my life and to find a better perspective with the things I find less than desirable.

I have a feverfew sprout!! I love seeing the seeds start to come up. We they take a bit to do so, part of me begins to wonder if I’ll need to re-start with new seeds. I know. What a horrible outlook. I don’t know why the feeling happens, just that it does. On the upside, when I have started to feel that way, when I finally see the sprouts, I’m even more excited about it.

I also have some tulips starting to push their noses up through the ground. In some ways, this is even more exciting than the seed sprouts that are inside. I planted the bulbs a bit late, about a month ago. I chose to plant them near the stump I had my wildflowers planted around last year. Since the stump and the tree right next to it are acidic evergreen types, I was unsure whether or not the bulbs would do anything at all. I had thought I was planting them too late for them to do anything and they are bulbs I picked up from Wal-Mart, so I didn’t have much faith in them growing, anyway. I’m so happy I was wrong.

Seeing their little noses yesterday brought the biggest smile to my face. I can hardly wait to see which tulips (what colors) come up.  Once they bloom, I will be able to see them from where I sit with my laptop. Its going to be so great!!!


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5 Responses to My Jeep, My Laptop, Creating Miracles, and Sprouts and Noses…

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    Very nice car indeed 🙂
    Couldn’t run one of those over here I don’t think; you’d have to rob the bank every week for gas and road tax…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, kind sir! I may have to do that here. Minus the road tax 😉


      • Uncle Spike says:

        I just love American gas prices 🙂
        Here too the prices have plummeted in relation to 12 months ago.. Currently we pay $6.87 a US gal, whereas last January it was as high as $8.37. But US salaries on average are 3 times higher (e.g. high school teacher here would earn around $15,000 gross), so factor that in tells a different story. Filling a tank of gas on a compact (now $103) actually costs $390 in terms of salary impact. What a strange old world we live in…. 🙂

        Oh and on that beastie, the road tax is 22000 TL ($9000), which in salary terms would be $27000

        Good fun, eh? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • O.O wow! Ok. I feel so much better about our gas prices here ($2.05/gallon, down from $3.89/gallon)! How does one stay alive there with such pricing and salaries?


      • Uncle Spike says:

        We manage, but perceived minimum standards in the west are very different, that’s all I guess. We just don’t drive for fun – hence my wife works away all week, cheaper to rent a room than pay return fuel each day.


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