Countdown Site, Seed Madness, and Vehicle Fun?…

I typed ‘How many days until Spring’ in the search bar on Google, clicked the first entry, and was taken to this page. (go ahead. click the link. it opens in a new window) There, I was given the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the beginning of Spring. I just wish I could set this as my desktop. If anyone knows how I can do this, please let me know.

I now have 264 seed cells filled and still need to get my sunflower seeds planted. My garden is going to be beautiful!! I’ll be taking photos of the progression of the seedlings and the garden. So far, the only thing that has sprouted is the basil, which I have finally finished thinning out, as of yesterday.

I’ve been thinking I am going to need to get a seed propagation heating mat so I had my daughter look up who sells them nearby, what sizes they have, and how much the mats are being sold for. They are honestly relatively inexpensive. My daughter is a lot like me, in a number of ways. After looking up where and how much, she did a search for making one at home. I love her.

Here is the site she found. It’s really quite simple. Just a piece of plywood, a few slats, and rope lights. I definitely see these in the future of my little seed cells. I also need to get a couple of lights for the cells since the lighting in my daughter’s 5th wheel is not very optimal, as is the case with most older trailers.

The next thing I need to look up is how much it is going to be to rent a rototiller for the day. I’ve already found out how much Home Depot wants to rent a DR, for 4 hours and for the day. I want to rent one of those to clear the other side of the driveway so I can scatter wild flower seeds, lightly rake them in, and just let that side do what it’s going to do. I think it is going to end up being a daily smile maker for me.

I may live in less than ideal conditions but I don’t need to forego having beauty all around me because of it.  Spring and Summer give me the best opportunity to bring in the beauty and fuel my soul at the same time. I love it!!! Providing everything goes well with the garden, and I see no reason it shouldn’t, I will have tons of things I can bring indoors to help keep some of the beauty around through the depressing months of Fall and Winter. Bonus!

On a different note, I finally changed that pesky wheel bearing, yesterday. The old one looked like it was probably just fine but it ended up being broken in the removal process, which makes me think it really wasn’t ok despite looking like it was. Next up is the replacement of the driver’s side half shaft (CV axle), since it now squeals occasionally when making a turn. Yet, another reason I am so looking forward to Spring.

Spring means more cleans, bigger paychecks, the addition of income from painting curb numbers, and the ability to purchase another vehicle. Yep. That is where I am at, again. This time, though, I believe I will be able to find a less worn vehicle that will potentially not need replacing by next Spring. That’s a vicious cycle I’d like to break, and, since I finally have a budget that seems to be going along quite nicely, I believe I am financially capable of  changing that pattern. Yay!


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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