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Though I absolutely love the smell of rosemary, I don’t like it in food. It’s too pungent for me and I feel the flavor of the food is lost to the taste of rosemary. Well, unless it’s in bread, toasted, with butter…yummo!

Many times, I have seen it said that rosemary is hard to start from seed. This is another herb that I have tried growing from seed and I actually didn’t have that much of a problem with getting it started. I guess the stars were aligned correctly, or it was just my perspective. I set up around 10 different pots (water bottles cut in half) with seeds a few years ago and ended up with 6 plants. In my mind, that is a high level of success. Maybe my success should be attributed to not knowing it was supposed to be difficult. Who knows?

Anyway, this is a plant that I have a hard time walking past without pinching off a twig to bury my nose in. I find its aroma to be an all-over feel good scent, with good reason. Rosemary is said to clear the head, improve memory, and can act as an antidepressant. I could definitely use some of that this morning, as my head is all over the place, but I do not have any at the moment. (Note to self: get rosemary essential oil!)

There are many uses for rosemary. Brewing a mild tea to sip is great for fighting illness. Making a strong infusion of rosemary with nettle leaf is great for creating an herbal rinse that is great for hair, helping to get rid of dandruff and promote hair growth. Really difficult dandruff? Rosemary infused oil, applied to the scalp and allowed to stay there for at least an hour, greatly improves scalp condition. Feeling a little under the weather? Rub rosemary oil on the soles of your feet to help speed recovery. Fever? Brew a pot of boiling water with rosemary then add to the bath to quickly bring the fever down. Have to study for the big exam? Place some rosemary essential oil in an oil  burner/diffuser to help keep the mind clear, focused, and relieve fatigue. Putting the essential oil into a lotion or massage oil helps with muscle stiffness and joint soreness.

Rosemary improves poor circulation, relieves lung congestion, eases sore throats (when placed in diffuser and inhaled), increases energy by stimulating the nervous system, helps to balance dry skin, and aids in the healing of canker sores. Rosemary can also be used on animals, in a shampoo or by making an herbal rinse, to help improve skin condition and provide a healthy, shiny coat.

Tomorrow: Borage



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