Twiddling my Thumbs while The Committee Hashes it Out…

Holy cannoli! Its 6:30am and 54 degrees!! According to NOAA, the high for today is supposed to be 54. If we are there at 6:30 in the morning, it makes me wonder what it’s going to be like today. The forecast is for heavy rain, again, today. The rain we have been getting over the last few days is almost like Spring rain. We have a flood warning, flood watch (yes, they list these separately), and a “Special Weather Statement.” The Special Weather Statement basically says that we are getting a lot of rain which will increase the chance for landslides.

Yesterday, after getting the dishes done, we headed to the YMCA to shower. When we went in, I was getting these squigglies in my vision. I have mentioned these to many doctors with not so much as a comment about them. That’s ok. I went to my higher power, Google, and asked what this could be.

It seems this could be a symptom of a migraine. Its weird, though, since I have always believed that a migraine headache included pain and there is no pain with the squigglies. I set the shower as hot as I can stand it and proceeded to melt, which helped make the squigglies go away.

When we pulled in the driveway at home, the headache began, sans squigglies. Then the nausea. I crawled into bed, hoping that laying down for a few minutes would help, but the headache seemed to grow. Lance brought me some Tylenol before heading out to take the dogs for their afternoon walk. I prefer ibuprofen but Tylenol is what we have, so…

The nausea got worse. At one point, I stood in the bathroom for about 15 minutes, feeling like I needed to throw up. I didn’t, and at the time, part of me was wishing I had because I believed it would have made my stomach feel so much better. I crawled back into bed, hoping to fall asleep, which happened after a bit. When I woke up, I was mostly better, though my stomach was a bit queasy still.

It’s weird how feeling sick can come on so quickly. There is almost never any easing into it. One minute, feeling just fine, the next, sick.

We have the condo complex common areas to clean today. I’m grateful to have at least this common area clean every Monday this month since it is proving to be a really slow month, so far. Other than the common areas, we have one other clean this month. I know this could change, but we usually have more cleans already scheduled by now, or at least know that more are going to be scheduled. It causes me a little bit of anxiety.

I guess I don’t really have much to write about this morning. I’m too in my head, which means the thoughts are in the background and fairly inaccessible. The Committee must be working on a power point or two for me. I’ll admit this is one of the times that I am hoping The Committee comes through with some very important information that allows me to see what steps to take next in my life. Change is coming. I can feel it, and sometimes that is a feeling that includes a bit of angst over the unknown.


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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