Getting the Hang of Days Off, Stupid Wheel Bearings, Mr. Achilles and the Vet…

I think I’m getting the hang of having days off. I accomplished little yesterday, but what I did accomplished were important things, handled at a relaxed pace. Though there is a part of my mind looking at what still needs to get done with a little bit of time panic, I am doing my best to ignore it. I have cleans the next three days, but then I will have the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th off…5 whole days!!! Loving it!!

I wish I could say that those 5 days off would be spent just enjoying life to its fullest, there will be things that need to get done, that absolutely must get done, during those 5 days. I still haven’t done the front, driver’s side wheel bearing on the van. Lance and I have talked about it and we both are a bit loath to do the job since it is a challenging one. It’s not that we can’t do it, because we had to replace both front wheel bearings on the last Windstar we owned. The problem is that neither of us is looking forward to it, which makes everything else that needs to be done seem that much more important. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to just take the van someplace to have the job done so it is up to us to get it done or we will not have a van in which to continue working.

We have plans of getting the wheel bearing done today. The disappointing thing is that I think we have a rear wheel bearing going out now, as well. *sigh* Having older vehicles is such a joy. At least we have a vehicle, and, for the most part, it keeps us moving forward without incident.

I didn’t get around to finishing putting up the Christmas lights on the fence, yesterday. This is something else we have planned to accomplish today. If I don’t get it done today, I fear that I will not get them up before Christmas, which would make purchasing the lights senseless.

Mr. Achilles did really great at the vet yesterday. He is such a nervous Nelly when it comes to going places he has never been before. The vet says that she believes the limp he has is caused by elbow dysplasia. Catahoula Leopard Dogs and Australian Cattle Dogs (Achilles’ two breeds) are prone to elbow dysplasia. We are going to have Achilles spend the next two weeks in the low to no exercise zone, which should be interesting.

The vet sent us home with pain reliever for him, along with a sedative. Achilles is a high-energy dog so the sedative is the only way to get him to relax and not got nuts with the lack of exercise, taking all of us with him. I think my little dog had the best, most relaxing rest he has ever had in his almost 3  years of life, last night. If his limp isn’t getting any better after the two weeks is up, he goes back to the vet for x-rays.

The vet will have to put him out for this procedure due to the angle they will need to have his ‘arm’ at in order to get the right image. I am hoping the two weeks of down time will take care of the limp, for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons is I don’t like the idea of putting him under. It scares me. I know it shouldn’t, but it does. The second reason is that it will cost almost $500 for the x-ray visit. At least I have been putting away a little money the last three paychecks. It won’t cover the cost, but will definitely make coming up with the rest of it not so overwhelming.

Well, if I am going to get done the things I want to accomplish today, I had better get to it. The day will be over before I know it. It always happens that way.

Have a great day, Everyone!!!


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