Viva California!

I visited a good friend of mine yesterday. Her daughter has put together a CD of songs that she sings and plays the piano to to raise money for a show in California. I wanted one for the small donation of $20. While we were talking, I had said that I had blogged about this. It wasn’t until after leaving the farm that I realized that I actually hadn’t blogged about this, yet. So, before anything else, I want to do that.



This is Amanda with one of her Jersey Giants. She is really an amazing kid: extremely responsible, amazing with the piano, a great singing voice, and a kind, loving personality that warms the soul. The “About” on the Facebook page she and/or her mom put together to promote the trip she wants to take to California says:

“Amanda wants to travel to the big district Jersey Giant meet and show her birds in Modesto California come January 26. She needs to raise $1000 to do it.”

The CD she put together is all hers. She does the singing, the playing, and produced the CD, consisting of 5 songs. The minimum requested donation (through PayPal) is $20. She needs to sell 50 CDs to have the money she needs to get to this show. Here are the details, from the Facebook page, for getting your own copy of the CD or to just donate to her cause:

Track List:
1. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. 2. Set Fire To The Rain by Adele. 3. Stay With Me by Sam Smith. 4. Till The Casket Drops by ZZ Ward. 5. Lay Me Down by Sam Smith.

Amanda has finished editing…staying up a few too many late nights and we will be shipping on Monday! To order a copy please send a minimum donation of $20 to PayPal via or a check to Amanda Ransom 27028 Meridian Ave East, Graham, WA 98338. Thank you!!! If you pay online, please send me your mailing address!

And here is the link to the Facebook page:Viva California     $20 is pretty cheap and it goes to a really great cause for an amazing girl. I wanted to include a sampling of the CD on here, but I am not that savvy with uploading media content unless it is photos. You’ll just have to trust me that the CD is completely worth the $20 requested donation on top of the great experience you’ll be helping to provide for Amanda. Thank you in advance!!!



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