Meditation, Hinduism, Buddhism, Marco Polo, Testing The Ultimate Happiness Prescription…

I picked up eight new audiobooks, yesterday, at the library. Actually, I picked up 12 of them, but four were ones my daughter picked out. I apparently am being drawn toward meditation, again, since 3 of the audiobooks are on different meditation themes: Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief by Jon Kabat-Zinn; Native American Healing Meditations by Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD; 10 Mindful Minutes by Goldie Hawn with Wendy Holden.

On the front of the case of 10 Mindful Minutes its says “Giving our Children – and ourselves – the social and emotional skills to reduce stress and anxiety for healthier, happier lives,” which almost made me not get it, thinking it is more geared toward children, but then I decided that maybe that would be a better route for me. It’s worth a shot. Enter through the child so that the adult is less aware and unable to micro-manage what its hearing. We’ll see.

Currently, I am listening to Great World Religions: Hinduism. It is actually quite fascinating. Hinduism is a Westerner term, not one that has been widely used in India, t0 categorize different Indian religious practices. In fact, Hinduism, until recently, wasn’t even a term used or accepted in India. I love hearing about the different cultural practices. Next up is Great World Religions: Buddhism. I think I may need to go to The Great Courses website to see what other subjects are available to me, then look them up in my local library. The possibilities are endless and that makes me smile, a lot.

One of the audiobooks I picked up, I have listened to already, but it was on the mp3 player that I checked out at the Tacoma Library: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I was happy to find it in audiobook because it is one I want to add to my library so I can listen to it whenever I feel I need a refresher course. I quite certain I didn’t get it all when I listened to it a couple of times before.

Thank the powers that be for audiobooks and for current technology that makes storing the audiobooks feasible. There is no way I would have the room for all of the audiobooks I have listened to or want to listen to. So far, I have used only half of the 16 gigabit micro SD card that I have in my phone.

Lance and I started watching a new show on Netflix last night: Marco Polo. It’s actually pretty good. I know the show probably is really inaccurate with the Marco Polo story, but it has caused me to want to see if I can find the Marco Polo story on audiobook. Since I have never read anything on Marco Polo, at least nothing that I really remember, I don’t know the story. From what I’ve seen on the show so far (three episodes), the Marco Polo story looks like it would be a good one, full of adventure and intriguing.

I have tomorrow off so I plan on listening to The Ultimate Happiness Prescription, again, take some notes, so I can get started on testing out Deepak’s plan for ultimate happiness. I know since listening to it twice already I have started to apply some of the mindfulness techniques he lays out in the book, such as bringing my awareness to back to my breath when I find myself feeling anger, frustration, contentment in any way, for any reason. It seems to help some by taking me out of focusing on whatever it is that has caused the unhappy feelings. So far, it hasn’t seemed to work out so well with the feelings I have about the morning cold (32 degrees right now), but I believe that one may take…possibly the rest of my life…lol.


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