Blog Stats, Moving Forward from Sloth-hood, Photo Post, and stuff…

I’m not ashamed to admit that I look forward to looking at my blog stats each morning before I write a post. I love seeing what posts were read, how the blog was found, the search terms (when available) that brought a person or two to the site, and, my favorite part, where my viewers are from. Most of my viewers are from the US, which isn’t surprising since this is where I live. What I love is seeing the foreign countries – India, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Australia, Great Britain, etc. – it’s really amazing to me to think that the words I have written are seen around the globe, in places I would love to see. The internet still amazes me with its reach and connection. I love it!!

I successfully made it through my two days of doing nothing but being the best sloth I can be. I know that may not sound like a great accomplishment, or one that would be hard to achieve, but it wasn’t as easy as one would think. I had to repeatedly remind myself that I wasn’t going to figure out the secret to world peace and other such important issues, such as budgeting out the next paycheck, organizing the work schedule, reorganizing the cleaning supplies and doing a check on what is needed, my desk, the dishes, etc. I managed not to figure out a single thing for two days and my brain is quite pleased with the time off.

Tomorrow, I go back to work so today is when I have scheduled to get stuff done around here. I have 9 audiobooks to take back to the library and one that is on hold to pick up (Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha by Tara Brach). This desk, oh this desk…It’s going to be a time-consuming chore but one that will leave me feeling a bit more at ease with my home world. The dishes need doing, again. This is also a time-consuming task. Since our water heater in the travel trailer leaks, we can’t use it, so I heat up water on the stove for dishes. I also need to go to the laundromat. A trip to the YMCA to shower is in order, as well. The more I look at what needs to be done, the more part of me thinks two days of sloth-hood may not have been such a great idea, time-wise. Good thing I am giving myself the mental ok to be good with whatever I get done today and to be good with what I don’t accomplish, if anything. 24 hours is not always enough time for everything.

I finally posted something on The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, again, yesterday. I haven’t been doing that and it is something I enjoy doing. I haven’t felt like I have the time to give to it properly. My poor camera has sat in its spot for quite some time, now, and it makes me feel guilty. It’s just one more thing that I haven’t been doing that helps to fuel my soul. The picture I posted yesterday was taken with my phone. This is one area I am definitely going to have to figure out how to filter back into my schedule…that whole balancing responsibility with fun. Maybe if I put my camera into the responsibility category I will get back to using it, again, though there is the possibility that doing so, putting it as a responsibility, will diminish its level of fun. I certainly hope not.

It’s really cold (34 degrees) this morning. And foggy. I don’t mind the fog so much but the cold is definitely not a welcoming thing for me.Perhaps I was a bear in a past life and the desire to hibernate when it starts to get cold is a leftover from that life. 😉

Well, if I am going to get my list of chores done, or at least mostly done, today, I had better get at it. I’m starting the Modern Scholar lecture series Religion, Myth and Magic: The Anthropology of Religion, lectures by Susan A. Johnston today. It should prove to be quite interesting, I believe. I know I had said that I thought I would listen to Discovering the Philosopher in You series after this one, but I think I am going to put that one off until after I listen to Radical Acceptance. I am feeling extremely drawn to that one.

Have an amazing day, Everyone!!!


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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