Ideas that Shaped Mankind, Days off, and Schmiegel…

ideas that shaped mankind

ideas that shaped mankind

The book I chose to listen to is from The Modern Scholar series called Ideas that Shaped Mankind: A Concise History of Human Thought, Lectures by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto. I was going to listen to Religion, Myth, and Magic: The Anthropology of Religion, Lectures by Susan A. Johnston but then I remembered I had this one and chose it. I am having a little remorse over my choice.

It’s not that the subject isn’t interesting, because it really is for me. Everything human behavior-wise I find extremely interesting, and the thoughts behind that behavior…well, all I can say is “JACKPOT!” The problem with this lecture series, for me, is the speech pattern of the professor.

This professor’s speech pattern is distracting, to say the least. Annoying (at least for me) is another descriptor I would use. He speaks in a very…pretentious, pompous way and I find myself more focused on that then what he is saying. If I had had him as a professor in college, I would have had to transfer out of his class due to my own inability to focus on the content.

I find myself thinking the people over at The Modern Scholar should have hired someone else to read the professor’s lectures. Yes, his speech pattern is that distracting and annoying to me. I know I should be able to just make it past that to what he is saying but, as of yet, I have not been able to do that, consistently. I get past it and then a particularly annoying example of his speech pattern will steal my focus, again, and I miss parts of what he is saying.

I’ll finish the lecture series because I started it, but I am not sure how much of it I will actually hear. Why couldn’t this series have been the one with the scratched disc? If I finish it and feel like I have gathered enough from it to write about, then I will, but I am not expecting this to be the case.  Hopefully, I’ll make it through it today so I can move on to Religion, Myth and Magic. Fingers crossed 🙂

I have today, tomorrow, and Saturday off. I have no plans of anything at all. Well, ok. I plan to get the dishes done and to clear off my desk, which has turned into a major catch-all and is hardly a desk anymore. Most of the clutter is not mine. Seeing as the desk is outside, it is too convenient for my family members to just drop things on it as they go by then promptly forget about them. It drives me nuts but I’ve come to realize it is up to me to clear it off and then keep dropping the family members’ stuff off in their space instead of mine. It is my responsibility to protect my space. I always end up feeling a bit like Schmeigel (Smeagol) from Lord of the Rings with his Precious as I stand between my desk and my family members, staking claim to my desk.




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