Skip in The Great Transformation, Possibly a Few Days off, Test Anxiety, and Survival Mode…

I am on the search for another copy of The Great Transformation audiobook. Disc 8 is scratched to heck so all that comes out are aliens. How frustrating!! Seeing as this is a 19 disc audiobook, I am going to have to put this book on hold until I can find another copy. 😦  Now, to choose which audiobook to listen to next.

I hadn’t really decided which book to listen to next because I had so much more of this book to go. I have been tending to pick my next book near the end or right after I finish a book. It sort of sets the mood. I have quite a few to choose from.

Maybe I’ll listen to War of the Worldviews; Science vs Spirituality by Deepak Chopra & Leonard Mlodinow. Or there are the Modern Scholar audiobooks, Discovering the philosopher in You: The Big Questions in Philosophy (Colin McGinn, Rutgers University) and Religion, Myth, and Magic: The Anthropology of Religion (Susan A. Johnston, The George Washington University). Or maybe something a little lighter like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart presents Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race or Your Heart’s Prayer by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. I am really unprepared for picking out the next book so making a decision may take a little bit of time this morning. Thankfully, I have these already loaded onto the micro SD card in my phone so I have some time.

As my schedule sits right now, it looks like I will be having the next four days off. Woot!! I’m a little cautious about getting too excited about it because every time I have some time off in the schedule, something almost always comes to fill at least some, if not all, of it up. I’ll admit that I am hoping beyond hope, crossing my fingers (and toes), and, dare I say, praying that these four days remain unscheduled. I’m pretty burnt out and, with the change of seasons, a little more tired than normal. Four days down would be really great right about now.

My daughter is struggling with college, right now. She took her midterm in chemistry last week and her grade was not good. She has never done well with tests. It doesn’t seem to matter how much or how little she studies for a test, they never end up reflecting how much she really does know about a topic. We have tried a few different methods to try to help make tests go much better for her, but have yet to find what works for her. I have always done great on tests so I am not much help with figuring this out with her. If anyone has any suggestions for us to try, please, please do let me know.

The trees are really getting gorgeous around here!! There have been a few times while driving to a job or somewhere else that I have wished I had my camera with me. I parked it a while back, when I really started feeling like I had no time at all, and having put it back in the van. I hadn’t given it much thought until just recently, with the painted trees and the carpet of color under them waving at me as if to remind me there is more to life than work.

I’ve said it before. I have a hard time balancing responsibility with fun. I’m great at helping others find that balance but completely horrible at doing it for myself. Sure, I know I just take the advice that I have given to others but…well, I just don’t. I really need to work on this. Balance is key. I’ve gotten into the all work and no play mode, which is probably a good chunk of why I am feeling so burnt out. I keep saying I’ll figure it out but I don’t. I just keep plugging away at work and longing for time off to do the things that are fun. Even though I know everything about me suffers when I get in this type of survival mode, I still haven’t formulated a plan, any plan at all, for creating a better approach. Being responsible shouldn’t trigger the survival mode. If anything, it should provide some relief from it. Ugh. It almost feels like a catch-22 and it shouldn’t. I guess it’s a by-product of the life I’ve been living since moving into our first RV.



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4 Responses to Skip in The Great Transformation, Possibly a Few Days off, Test Anxiety, and Survival Mode…

  1. I totally understand about knowing how to balance responsibility and fun. It’s one of life’s great challenges. I wish us both luck. And, P.S. the audio book about religion anthropology sounds amazing!


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