Cleans, Farm, Pumpkins…

Oh my goodness have I been busy!!! I have missed my morning writing/blogging over the last few days. I was farm sitting this weekend so the time I usually have set aside in the mornings specifically for blogging had to go to taking care of the farm.

I love taking care of the farm. It’s not like there is a ton of interaction between me and the critters but its a cathartic experience. It’s just me and the chickens, ducks, goats, alpaca, lambs. Its non-demanding, though I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure I get everything done right. Its manageable pressure, though. Nothing so stressing as to lose the benefit of being around the animals and getting to feed and water them.

There is one chicken on the farm that I think needs to be named Jesus or Messiah. By now, anyone reading this blog should know that I’m not a religious person and my belief system doesn’t really include a god, exactly. I’m not sure if the chicken is a hen or a roo, but the name would fit it either way.

You see, this chicken was dead. Completely dead. Bagged up and done. When the place that the dead chicken was placed was accessed later, this chicken was found unbagged and very much alive, much to the surprise of my friend. Now, before anyone gets to thinking that my friend just doesn’t know what she is doing, I want to clear that up. She is quite adept.

I really like this chicken, too. It’s a bit crazy and pushy but we bonded over the weekend. I know how that sounds but it doesn’t change the feeling. Perhaps it is just my feelings toward it but that is enough. I held this bird while I cleaned out its cage and it just kind of snuggled in. That is, until taking flight for a second took its fancy. It fluttered out of my arms and landed about 3 feet away and just stood there. When I went to pick it back up, it didn’t try to scurry away or flap its wings at me in an attempt to avoid capture. It seemed to be content with the fact that it had gotten to flap away for a second and deemed me to not be a threat. Thanks, Jesus/Messiah.

The cleans over the past few days have gotten me home in time to turn around and head to the farm to put the farm to bed. Everything has left me with not much time for anything else but I feel good, and that is the important part. Taking care of the farm feeds my soul some. I have scheduled 4 days off this week, so there will be lots more time for feeding the soul in various ways.

Yesterday’s clean was a pretty quick one. The sun was out and, as I said, I’m feeling good, so I decided a trip to the pumpkin patch was in order. My husband and son weren’t up to going so just my daughter and I went. That’s not such a bad thing, either. We needed some just us time.

me and my girlie at the pumpkin patch

me and my girlie at the pumpkin patch

The pumpkin patch was extremely packed!! I think it took us longer to get from the freeway to a parking spot than it did for us to find a couple of pumpkins, pay, and head back to the car. It was good, though.



Its been about 6 years since I have gotten pumpkins. Wait. That’s wrong. 5 years. Since RV life started, I haven’t really felt like partaking in holidays. My heart wasn’t in it. I can’t tell you want changed that for this Halloween/Samhain, but it has changed and I am looking forward to carving pumpkins in celebration. We will be making another trip to a pumpkin patch so that my husband and son can pick out pumpkins. I’ve already picked out a spot to display the carved pumpkins  when we are done. I’m not putting up any other decorations, but I never really have for this holiday.

Well, duty calls. I must head out to work now. Not a hard day. Its only the common areas at the condos, but that is still a long day. The next two days will bring me up to South Seattle and Alki Beach for cleans. I haven’t been out to Alki in too many years to count/remember, so I am looking forward to that. I’ll have to remember to bring my camera. 😉

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