Groceries, Attorneys, and College…

Lance spoke with an attorney yesterday about his fall at Winco. Mostly, we wanted to make sure of how we handle this. The attorney explained how this sort of thing is usually handled by the grocery store so now we know what to expect. We were told that the store’s insurance company will end up paying for the Prompt Care visit and any medications prescribed (a non-narcotic pain reliever). There may be some small payment to Lance, but the insurance company deems whether or not that is necessary. Just knowing that Lance’s visit to the Prompt Care will be covered is a relief, as those are never cheap.

While at work, yesterday, Lance called me a few times to let me know what he was up to. This is not something I expect or something Lance would normally do. These calls from Lance were just him calling to tell me what he had tried to do and how it went, physically and pain-wise. The man doesn’t do being hurt very well. No smiley sticker for him.

One of the things that has been painful for him since his fall in Winco the other day is walking. At one point, yesterday, after the pain reliever kicked in, he attempted to take the dogs for their walk. He made it most of the way down the air strip before realizing he had the wrong shoes on, so turned around so he could change them. He informed me that it was a good thing that he had turned around because by the time he got back here to change his shoes, his back was really bothering him. So what does he do? Work on building the walls for the bathroom shed. Silly man. He says he wants to try to help me clean today. We shall see how that goes.

My daughter has dropped a class in college. She has been having a hard time with her Humanities teacher and it was affecting her grade so she dropped the class. Though I’m not exceedingly happy that she dropped a class, in this instance, it might have been the right thing to do. It was looking like she was going to have to take the class, again, anyway so…well, it makes sense to get out of it and start it over with a different teacher a different quarter.

This has led my daughter to have some doubts about college. She called me after she dropped the class and I could hear the self-doubt in her voice. “I don’t know about college, Mom. I mean, who knows if the degree will even be worth it. Whose to say I’ll even be able to get a job with the degree. There’s no guarantee.” She is going for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’m fairly certain that finding a job when she graduates is not going too much of a hassle for her. Even if it takes a minute to find the right placement, it will be well worth the effort.

We talked for a bit about her fears. I told her that it may feel like it’s too much right now but it will get easier, in some ways, the further along she goes. It takes some time to completely get into the whole college mindset, especially when you have been away from the school mentality for a while. It comes down to her deciding what she wants and sticking with it. It has to be her main focus. I think she has come to hate when I use my college experience as an example. My college was online and I have yet to use my degree. These two facts don’t change the basics but she looks at it a little differently than I do.

Personally, I loved college. Sure, the first few quarters were extremely stressful. I had tons of self-doubt. Until I got in a rhythm with the work load, I was a basket case. By the end of the third quarter, I was in the zone. This doesn’t mean there wasn’t any stress at all, of course. It just means that I wasn’t the spaz I had been, much to my husband’s delight. I know my daughter will get there if she doesn’t give up.



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