Husband down…

It is right before payday and this is when money is the tightest. We really have to watch every penny when it gets this close to payday. Yesterday my husband and I headed out to do a load of laundry, swing by the Y for a shower, and hit the local Winco to grab dinners for the week. This is how we make it until payday and not wonder what we are going to wear or what we are going to feed the children. Its working and every payday, I get even better at managing our incoming cash flow so it doesn’t get so stressful right before payday.

At Winco, we grabbed the essentials. Lance was out of sausage patties and eggs (he makes himself a breakfast sandwich every morning), but we were holding off to grab them until we knew how much the necessary food items would total up to. Sometimes, he has to go a few days without his breakfast sandwich. After the last item was rung up, I saw that we could grab his items so I told him to go grab them really quick. The cashier was great. She put our transaction on hold and told the people behind us in line that she was going to start ringing them up but that when my husband came back, she was going to put their transaction on hold and finish ringing us out. The people behind us were perfectly fine with that. So were the people behind them when it was their turn.

You see, though Lance should have been back before the cashier was done checking out the first family behind us in line, he wasn’t. She was almost all the way through the second family when Lance came over and told me he had fallen and hurt himself before going back the way he had come. I asked the cashier if I could just pay for our transaction so I could go help him, which, of course, wasn’t a problem. I paid, then grabbed our cart and headed in the direction that Lance had gone.

When I found him, the Winco staff had him sitting on a chair filling out an accident report. There was a carton of eggs, broken, on the floor and a place on the floor near it that looked like water. I talked to Lance, asked him if he was ok, which he didn’t really reply, and told him I was going to go grab his eggs and sausage, and purchase them while he was filling out the report. He agreed. Just as I was finished purchasing his eggs and sausage he came up to the check out area.

I could tell by his face that he wasn’t feeling well. His face and body said “Ow.” I asked him what happened.

He was hurrying back to the check out I was waiting at when his foot hit some water on the floor that he hadn’t seen. Lance told me both of his feet flew up in the air and he landed on his back, mostly his tailbone. He said it hurt so much when he landed that he just laid there for a minute. Lance said he tried calling out for me, hoping I would hear him, but, unfortunately, I didn’t. I guess the Winco staff was pretty quick about getting to him, getting him onto a chair, asking him what happened, and getting him to fill out the accident report. Winco’s insurance company will be calling Lance in a day or two.

As we walked out to the van, Lance quietly said he thought he might need to go to the emergency room. This is a big warning sign that he is really hurting because the man never goes to the doctor, let alone the emergency room. I told him that I agreed he should go. Its better to get checked out.

Lance insisted we take the groceries home first. When we pulled up at home, I made him wait in the van while I brought the groceries in and put the perishables away. The amazing thing is that he did wait in the van. Normally, he would have said he could help and then do so, but this time he didn’t.

While I unloaded groceries, Lance searched on his phone for the closest urgent care or emergency room. When I hopped back in the van, he had found two, one really close, one minutely further away. We, of course, headed to the closest one, Franciscan Prompt Care. While we were in the waiting room, I looked up accident attorneys. I felt this was something he needed to consult an attorney about. This slip and fall could make it where he can’t work for a bit while he is healing.

The x-ray showed that he had no broken parts, no fractures. The physician said Lance bruised his sacrum, which isn’t that uncommon, apparently. Last night, he took some Aleve, then some ibuprofen in an attempt to alleviate the pain. The ibuprofen on top of the Aleve worked. This morning, he got up with the thought of taking the dogs for their morning walk. Walking without dogs attached hurts too much so the pups are going to have to wait for me to get home from work to take them for their walk.

I’ll be working solo today, so it is a good thing that I have the common areas to clean at the condos. I can rearrange the clean a little without it being a problem. Lance and I usually get the common areas done in a day. It is going to take me two.

My daughter has volunteered to help me before school with cleans this week. I’m grateful for that. She has homework to do so she won’t be helping out today. Its a full week so her help will be invaluable while Lance is recovering. Left foot, right foot…


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2 Responses to Husband down…

  1. Dad says:

    Sorry to hear about Lance’s fall. We wish him a speedy recovery.


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