Dreaming of Spring already…

I was such a horrible gardener this year. I planted the wildflowers around the stump, watered them religiously while they were seeds and during their seedling stage, then got really busy with work and pretty much ignored them from there. I’m not proud of this. I am usually a much more attentive gardener than this.

The flowers came up and they were beautiful. I’m sad to say that, for the most part, I didn’t really even pay enough attention to even enjoy their beauty. This is so unlike me that I have started planning the beauty for next year.

I am going to plant more wildflower seeds around the same stump I grew them this year. I don’t know why, but I really like the idea of planting wildflowers around this stump. I think it is because the area looks so…unused, abandoned and the flowers help bring the area to life. I’d really like to take a rototiller to the area first, to get it really cleaned up since it has had so much time before we moved here to establish weeds and such but with the number of surface roots, large surface roots, in the area, I would probably ruin a rototiller even trying. Lance says he will turn the soil for me since the process hurts my hands too much.

I’m hoping we can get that done before the end of the month. You see, I’m already dreaming of Spring and Fall has barely gotten underway. I have even decided to try something new for me. I bought bulbs.

I have planted bulbs once before, but they were bulbs you plant early spring that flower in the Summer. This time, I have bought bulbs that you plant in fall to have flowers in the Spring. That is a first for me.

Fall bulbs for Spring flowers

Fall bulbs for Spring flowers

For early Spring, I bought Anemone Blanda mix (the little purple and white daisy-like flowers). For mid-Spring, I have two types of tulips: Drawn Hybrid mix and Purple Flag. For late Spring, I grabbed a pack of tulip bulbs called Big Smile (the name sells them alone, I think) and a pack of Purple Sensation Allium bulbs. If I can get these into the ground this Fall, Spring is going to be so beautiful. 🙂

If anyone has any tips for planting fall bulbs, please do let me know. Spring flowers are such a wonderful thing and I really want this to go right. Thanks in advance!!



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2 Responses to Dreaming of Spring already…

  1. Lauren Baca says:

    Well if you were planting them here in New Mexico you’d plant them now and make sure to give them a good water and then little drinks during the winter and when it starts to be around spring tome again give them lots of water and sunlight and they should so well so yours will probably get a lot of water because it rains there a lot so just make sure they don’t flood


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