Focusing on the Positive, A-Z; Day 4: Determination and Desire


Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.
Denis Waitley


Determination is a powerful thing. It builds the once believed impossible, carries one through seemingly insurmountable challenges, creates, and motivates. There are many emotions that can fuel determination and I believe desire is one of the strongest. That said, it’s another two-word Focusing on the Positive day.

There is much that can be achieved in life without determination as the driving force – finding love, completing the first 12 grades of school – but the things that end up mattering the most, that create that feeling of success and self-pride, are the one’s that took great determination to achieve. Who doesn’t feel accomplished when they have stood up to their fears, the obstacles life has thrown in the way, self-doubt, negative feedback from others and accomplished what others, maybe even themself, didn’t believe was possible? Whether it is a goal, a dream, a desire matters not. Knowing that you’ve pushed through anything and everything to achieve that end is something no one can ever take away from you. Determination is like a drill sergeant telling you to get up and keep moving when all you want to do is lay down and quit.

Here is Merriam-Webster‘s definition of determination:

a :  a judicial decision settling and ending a controversy

b :  the resolving of a question by argument or reasoning

a :  the act of deciding definitely and firmly; also :  the result of such an act of decision


b :  firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end <a woman of great courage and determination>

:  a fixing or finding of the position, magnitude, value, or character of something: as


a :  the act, process, or result of an accurate measurement


b :  an identification of the taxonomic position of a plant or animal

a :  the definition of a concept in logic by its essential constituents
b :  the addition of a differentia to a concept to limit its denotation
:  direction or tendency to a certain end :  impulsion
:  the fixation of the destiny of undifferentiated embryonic tissue
Ok. There are a few of the definitions of determination that are new to me. Interesting. Learning new things apparently is a bonus to this series of posts. Love it!
Want to know what I think the biggest bonus to determination is? The feeling of empowerment. The knowing I can accomplish whatever something I have accomplished. It can be destroyed, this accomplishment, and, despite the feelings of loss that may accompany the destruction, I know that I am capable of achieving it, again. I have shown myself I can.
That one quote almost says it all. Desire…what a fuel for forward movement. Sure, there are many types of desires, but the end result is the same: the need-like feeling to attain what you desire.
 Merriam Webster defines desire as:
:  to long or hope for :  exhibit or feel desire for <desiresuccess>
a :  to express a wish for :  request <they desire an immediate answer>


b archaic :  to express a wish to :  ask

archaic :  to feel the loss of
intransitive verb
:  to have or feel desire
Desire may start as a simple want or wish or thought or idea, something that swirls around in your mind until it becomes something that seems as important as breathing. This is where the creative juices get going, I believe. When you desire something, a plan to obtain said desire is formulated. Desire can and does fuel determination. Desire paired with determination is a nearly unstoppable force, leading one to create things that may never have been created otherwise. Desire, regardless of its focus, is one of the greatest fuels to ignite the soul and mind into action. What a boring world it would be without desire.

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