More use equals more want…

I’ve finally been remembering to take my camera in the van whenever I head out, whether it is to work or whatever. It has definitely helped with reminding me to take more pictures, but there are many times that I am completely unhappy with the results. I guess I am becoming more critical of my pics and more dissatisfied with the level of amateur I am. Then, there is my camera.

I actually love my camera. Its not a top of the line camera but it takes some great shots. Considering I am extremely amateur at this, its probably the right camera for me to have, other than I have no idea how to work many of its features. I have to admit, though, I really wish I could just look at something then do something like touch my nose or pull gently on my earlobe and a photo would be taken that I could then upload from my brain. Where’s the technology for that?! Am I alone in this desire?

Anyway, lately, I have noticed that many of my pictures are blurring. 😦 I’ve been trying different settings and options to try to figure them out but find myself trying to go back to what the settings originally were and am getting lost. Yes, I do understand this sounds like I just need to bite the bullet and take some sort of class that will teach me my camera better. Have I mentioned I’m stubborn? And broke?

I’m a pretty smart person and most everything I do know how to do I have mostly taught myself or learned through life experience. I feel like learning this camera should be the same, despite the fact that I am experiencing different results. What is the first solution I come up with? I need a better camera.

I know that’s not the answer. The problem is not the camera but the user (me). Knowing all this does not stop me from hopping on the internet and looking at all of the amazing cameras I can’t afford and long for one. Apparently this ‘user’ is experiencing more than one issue with delusion…lol.

One thing that has come about with making sure I have the camera in the van whenever I am is that I am taking pictures while driving (Sorry, Mom. Please try not to worry.) I took some yesterday evening while driving home from painting curbs that I’ll be posting over on The Lens of My Camera. That is, if any of them are not blurry.

So, how am I going to solve this ‘dilemma’? Well, keep taking pictures, keep trying to figure out the variety of settings on my camera, and search for an affordable class that can help me better navigate said settings. Have I also mentioned I’m impatient sometimes?


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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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2 Responses to More use equals more want…

  1. Ted Ellinger says:

    Mieke, blurring is caused be either the camera moving when taking the photo or the subject of the photo moving. First fix:stop one or the other or both from moving; second fix:increase the speed the camera takes the picture. Of course all of this assumes you have focused the image being photoed. Those are the basics. Concentrate on them and let know how it is going. Oops! I forgot the most important, have fun with your photography!
    Love Dad


    • Thanks, Dad!! Other than the pictures while driving, the moving part isn’t the issue. The image stabilizer on my camera is actually pretty amazing. I will troll around my camera settings to see if I can find the speed settings. I think I did before, changed it, then changed it back. That will definitely be the next stop on playing with settings, though.
      As for having fun with my photography goes….I’m not sure I couldn’t. 🙂
      Thanks, again, Dad!! I love you!!


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