Grasshoppers and Dragonflies…

Yesterday, while going through all the ‘fun’ with the van, I had a grasshopper land on my wrist. Many may think “No big deal,” but I have to say this was a little different. It got me thinking, and whether that is good or bad I have not decided, yet.

I was driving the 96 Windstar back toward the 2000 Windstar that was still parked on the side of the highway when the grasshopper leapt out of nowhere and landed on my right wrist, exactly on top of the dragonfly tattoo I have there. It scared me, at first. Mostly because I only caught it out of the corner of my eye and thought it was a bee or, worse, a wasp.

I flung my arm down, knocking the grasshopper to the floor. It hopped right back up to where it had been on my wrist. I let it do what it was doing for a few minutes, chatted with it, asked it what it was trying to tell me and if it could possibly provide me with a flashing, neon billboard sign because I am apparently a little dense and am not understanding the message. You see, we had had a grasshopper visit us the day before.

The grasshopper from the day before had been a bit more casual with its presence. Lance had found it in the 2000 Windstar and tossed it out, gently, right before we were headed out from work to go grab a little something to eat. Before we could leave, it perched itself on one of the windshield wipers, where is stayed as we drove over to the Sonic.

We ordered our food and sat chatting when I noticed that the grasshopper was still perched on the wiper. I Googled grasshopper symbolism. Immediately after reading one description a short paragraph long, Lance informed me the grasshopper hopped off. Hmmm…interesting.

I hadn’t really given it much thought since that moment until this more aggressive grasshopper landed on my dragonfly tattoo for the second time. After chatting with it for a minute, Lance carefully removed him from my arm (I was driving after all) and tossed him out the window. He flew right back in. It didn’t land on me this time but rested next to my seat, on the floor, for about five minutes before flying out my window.

So, what is grasshopper symbolism? There is quite a long list of grasshopper associations, varying in length depending on which site you go to. I do not go to wiki’s because I do not trust them. This is something that was instilled while I was in college earning my criminal justice degree.

Any who…

The grasshopper is known as a symbol of good luck/a good omen around the world. It was news to me but I have never claimed to know everything. I could definitely use some good luck in my world so I’ll take that. Grasshopper is also said to represent your inner voice and having one show up could be an indication that you should be trusting what your inner voice is saying. ( I haven’t really been listening/hearing my inner voice lately so I have no idea if this applies or not. The main theme I found among the pages I read about grasshopper symbolism, besides good luck/a good omen, was that these grasshoppers were telling me it is time to take a leap of faith, without fear, remembering that “Grasshoppers only ever jump forwards and never backwards (”

I, of course, had to go looking for dragonfly symbolism, again. I have looked it up many times as I have 5 or so different dragonflies tattooed on my body. At moments like this one, I want the actual words, not the vague memory of what I read. I had had the intent of adding what I found in this post but have changed my mind. Instead, I am going to provide a link to a site that touched my soul. Talk about the exact medicine needed at the exact right time. The site is another WordPress-er, so go check them out and maybe let me know what you think. I love their writing voice.

About dragonflygypsyusa

Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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