How Does One Climb Into Their Computer…?

The rains has returned. It has been raining, on and off, mostly off, for the last few days. Not much sun has been seen. At first, the rain felt really great…little cooler temps, give a much needed drink to all the plant life…Hey! I’ve lived here for 24 years now and, though I hate to admit it, I have grown somewhat accustom to the rain, no matter how much the overcast skies and inconsistent rains that don’t have a setting on the wiper switch really bother me. A lot.

I’m really feeling it this time. With the rain came a nasty depression that seems to be growing with each passing day of more rain. I really hate feeling this way. Its such an overwhelming feeling sometimes, almost there now, that I, eventually, become powerless over. I just get to ride the crappy ride until its over…how ever long that is.

Yuck. I can hear it in my writing. I really hate that. No matter how hard I try to keep it in check, the depression insists it must be heard and blocks all passages to any words or sentences that might not convey its presence.

I was really excited when I found out the rain was coming. This excitement had nothing to do with having lived in the Pacific Northwest for so long. The excitement I felt had everything to do with having grown up in the Midwest. Noaa ( told me that the rain we would be having would be in the form of thunderstorms!! I LOVE thunderstorms.

Well, I love thunderstorms in the Midwest. Though the thunderstorms we did get recently, initially, gave it a good try, they just couldn’t match up with a good Midwest thunderstorm. I did enjoy the first one we had this week though. It was the most…active.

And the clouds! The sky has been bountiful canvas of distraction for me. This has reminded me that I need to start taking my camera everywhere with me. I was really upset I hadn’t the other evening on the way home from work. I missed out on some really great shots. I took some good ones tonight, though.

Clouds 81514

Clouds 81514

Clouds Aug1514

Clouds Aug1514

These clouds are very nice but nothing compared to the ones I saw the other night. I keep looking, hoping to find more clouds that are that amazing. Or even more mind stealing with beauty.






August 15, 2014

August 15, 2014

Thunderstorm Skies

Thunderstorm Skies

You know what would be really great right now? I would absolutely love for it to just start down pouring. I would go out into it, close my eyes, throw my head back and my arms out, and just stand there, letting the rain soak me to the bone. I don’t know why, but this has always seemed to ‘wash’ whatever emotional turmoil I am in either away or to the surface to be freely dealt with, usually in the form of tears as big as the raindrops that are falling from the sky, washing them away.


And with that, I am off to go watch some Netflix with my husband. Night, Everyone!! Hope all is well in your world!!





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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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6 Responses to How Does One Climb Into Their Computer…?

  1. Tim Taylor says:

    I sure do hope you feel better soon šŸ™‚


  2. Lauren Baca says:

    I love thunderstorms too! Just had a very good one on my birthday Aug. 15th. It shook the whole house for several hours it was awesome bet you’d like it mom.


  3. karensamenow says:

    I love thunderstorms also! But the constant gray skies has always depressed me. Here in San Diego it rains, & then they clear up, & then I’m ok. I understand totally what you are going through, & I was never able to come out of my depression until I could see blue skies. Keep the faith, one of these days it just might clear up.


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