How to be the best sloth you can be…

Today going to be a long day. It’s not that there are tough cleans scheduled for today. In fact, the cleans are pretty cut and dry. It is going to be long because i have scheduled three days off, starting tomorrow. I can’t wait! 😁
I have nothing planned for how i am going to spend these three days. Sleep is definitely a main focus, along with practicing my sloth skills, but nothing else really. I’m trying not to hold on too tightly to these “plans” because i know, in my life, my best laid plans of laziness almost always get shoved aside by some act of responsibility.
I’ve prepared the family for the days ahead, ensuring their complete understanding of my intentions, and all seem to be on board with allowing the sloth transformation to take place. Main rule: don’t wake the Mom unless you’re bleeding and/or need to go to the hospital. Keep it simple.
Now, i need to convince myself that i do not need to do this or that or try to cram in as much as i can of all the things I’ve been wanting to do, stuff i ‘have’ to do because i don’t have the time otherwise, or spend the time thoroughly cleaning everything at home. I’ve come to realize i have a difficult time just melding with down time and relaxing. When the gecko did that happen!!! O.O
Anyway, i have three days off, starting tomorrow. Perhaps this would be a good time to teach myself how to just relax, again. It’s an invaluable tool to possess, in my opinion.
What do you do on your days off? Has anyone mastered three art of relaxation? Talk to me. Bestow your wisdom on this willing student.
😉 🐾🐾

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Over-thinker with way too much availability to the internet to research whatever might come to mind, amateur photographer, dog enthusiast, learning every day, working on finding my undamaged self.
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10 Responses to How to be the best sloth you can be…

  1. Tim Taylor says:

    Relax? What is that? It is a foreign concept to me 🙂 Enjoy your down time!


  2. I try to relax…key word being try. Haha, i usually end up cleaning, running errands and cooking elaborate meals that don’t take 5 mins. Because i can! I hope you find some fun or relaxation!


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